Time to help yourself.

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    A story relating to the flooding.
    A bad storm came and first the streets flooded. The police told people to get out it was only going to get worse.
    One man refused to go, he said God would save him.
    Next the water was up above the ground levels of homes. The emergency crews sent men out in boats to pick up stranded people but one man refused. He said God would save him.
    Next the water was so deep only the roofs were showing. Emergency teams sent in helicopters to rescue people from on their roofs.
    One man again refused saying God would save and protect him.
    Well the one man drowned and when he got to heaven he asked God why didn't he save him.
    God said I sent trucks to get you out of harms way. I sent a boat to get you out of harms way. I sent a helicopter to get you out of harms way. What more could I have done to save you?
    Moral of the story is God helps those that help themselves.
  2. shadecorp

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    Very true.
    some times, well most times
    we just don't know what to do
    with the help offered. :confused:

  3. phideaux

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    Maybe the rescue people should just tell those in trouble..

    Hey God sent me to rescue you !,

    They still wouldnt listen... just sit on that roof, or sit in that tree top.. :rolleyes:

  4. VThillman

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    Better "I am God's designated saver today." The voice projection is important.