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    I have Verizon MIFI which is wifi internet service. I pay for 12 gb a month and I make sure I don't go over and I often have a carry over to the next month. Problem developed which is connection speeds have dropped from, around 6mbps download to as low as .29 and upload went from around 6 mbps to often as low as .54 mbps.

    I found out Verizon made unlimited data usage available in Jan. 2017. I started seeing my speeds drop around May or June. I also found out that those with unlimited data can be throttled down when they have used around 5gb in a billing cycle. LOL So she just admitted they do throttle down some accounts. The customer support said I shouldn't get throttled down because I am paying a premium for 12 gb a month. I found there is a cell tower 5 miles from me and the land is flat with no tall buildings between me and the tower. The CS said I am not high usage and I am not in a fringe area since the tower is so close to me and population usage is not a problem either. She said there could be a problem at the tower and she was making a request for the tower to be checked for problems. IMO there isn't a problem with the tower because around 1 a.m. my connection speeds are around 6-8 mbps. CS said I would receive an email about the problem and when it was taken care of. She said it might be a few days to a week to hear from them.

    Here comes the awakening to what appears to be a scam..........
    I get a message on my jetpack that after investigation they have concluded that I live in a fringe area and so at times of high Verizon customer use that my speeds could be slow. Gee I think they should have gotten with the CS that said I am not in a fringe area and the area is not under data stressed usage. So after hearing their latest BS I have no question about my being throttled down. I am just now close to 5 gb for the month and how about speeds are now slower than ever. My speeds now are slower than dial up. Even late night hours the speeds have even dropped now. I guess I am being treated like an unlimited plan because I am at 12gb a month.

    When I was using Sprint years before using Verizon I was on unlimited use and I dropped them when they throttled me down like Verizon is doing to me now. The old saying you get what you pay for is not the motto I am finding to be true. Now T-Mobil is claiming higher connection speeds or at least equal to Verizon since T-Mobil has expanded their cell tower locations. I just wonder would I get the same throttle down treatment from T-Mobil?

    If I am going to get dial up speeds then what good is it for me to pay for what I am not getting? It really pulls my chain they will not admit they are cheating me. I searched Verizon complaints and I found thousands of them.

    Verizon supposedly just bought out Yahoo and before the effective date of around June I dropped my Yahoo account when I was informed that all my activity could be archived and I could not delete it. Facebook did the same thing years ago and I dropped my account there also. The internet will very soon be totally under monopoly control.

    I just watched a Verizon commercial where two women and a man are on horseback in a country setting claiming they are getting the same connection service the big cities get. OOPS They didn't tell about the throttle down rip off.
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    I don't know if you are aware of this but Verizon offers different "packages" in their system. At one time, about 4 years ago my phone, internet, and TV escalated to almost $200.00 per month. I quit them and tried Direct TV which was a BIG mistake. Then a young man came and tricked me and told me he could call Direct and get it straighten out. That was a fluke and he also signed me up for a security system that I did NOT want. However he said it was part of the package. My first year Dish was $29.00 and the second year it went up to $130.00 plus the security system cost me $50.00 per month. I was pissed! Finally my contract with Dish ended and I went back to Cox internet (which is Verizon) for $106.00 per month. They have no contracts. They wanted to know if I wanted the great high speed package with all the goodies including Starz, HBO, Cinemax and music channels. I declined and said all I want extra is Turner Classic Movies and I didn't need all the extra "speed" and storage. They have a secondary package which doesn't have the high speed so I opted for that. I have not noticed any difference in my computer speed nor any decline in phone service. My wife bought my cell phone which is probably 8 yrs. old now (just a flip phone) with unlimited minutes or times of days I can call. For both phones, and she has a I-Phone (think that is the right name) that she can access the internet with along with her I-Pad. I would ask them if they have a secondary package you can buy and not the high speed deal with all the frills and goodies. security system that I didn't want expires this November after paying for it for 3 years and I am going to cancel. They are called Monotronics and I warn anyone about the service they provide. At first they hooked it up and it quit because the service man hooked it up so it ran solely on my battery. Then it quit again before 1 years usage and they sent me a different monitor pad that hooked on my garage door and it worked for about 3 months and it quit. Since I was past my 1 year warranty, the service call would cost me $75.00 plus any other things inside the house that didn't work. I asked them why I have to pay for their equipment and they told me to read the fine print on my contract. When I signed up I never even got a contract!!!! They mailed me one and I found out they had used outdated equipment on my installation and it was not covered by any warranty unless I wanted to pay for it.

    You have to read all the fine print plus try to understand their excuses for shoddy service. Being that close to a tower, I would vehemently complain to a manager, NOT the CS rep and demand that your service be restored so you can get proper service. Verizon is getting so big that they don't care about us little people who buy their service. They forgot that without us they could not have gotten so big that they can acquire other companies. Good luck and keep demanding what you are entitled to.


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    I am fairly sure I am going to drop Verizon like a lead balloon. Cheat me once is not my fault, cheat me twice is my fault because I knew better. I just have only wifi internet 12gb a month which was around $94 a month. I get my 12gb per month but at crawling speeds. WIFI is for high speed internet not dial up speeds. My phone is a separate Verizon account for $16.54 a month on a cheapo flip phone.
    This is what monopolies create. Hardly to no competition the people get the short end of the stick and often even that is greased.
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    Well in my search for a good internet provider I am finding rip off horror stories on most if not all of them. It seems throttling is a very common policy among most it seems. There are literally thousands of complaints all across the list of providers for internet and TV programming. $400 cancelation fees even if within the free cancelation period. What ever happened to get what you pay for or you don't have to pay for it? It seems the FCC is of no help to victims.

    It seems what happened to Tommy is very common practice. Supposedly there are some class action law suits against the rip offs and maybe that's what is needed.
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    Huh...I have Verizon unlimited. I get throttled back when I hit 23 gigs, and it still runs good during off hours. But it does get real, real slow between 7pm and 10 or 11pm.
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    I read that some reported Verizon throttles down especially the unlimited customers when they get to 5 gb. Perhaps you are in a sparse population area that they don't throttle down on you most of the time?
    Now at 11:30 pm I am at 3.57 download 3.32 upl which is fast compared to what I am at during the daytime. Daytime I am usually under 1 mbps dwn and upl. Often I am under .5 which is super crawling. Bringing up a website main page it took 50 seconds which is unreal slow. Downloading a you tube video it might buffer then run 7 seconds and go to buffering again. That's terrible.

    They might be throttling me down because I am online often more than 12 hours a day. I might not be downloading anything every day but I am still online.
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