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    I like Rugers, always have, just could never afford them. My token Ruger for the longest time was a MKII. I did manage to pick up a 44 carbine, a Mini 14 and an Old Army along the way. Unfortunately I lost them in a fire. Back in the day when wooden gun cabinets with glass doors was the norm. Only the MKII survived.

    My mainstays were the H&R and NEF shotguns, rifles, and revolvers along with a few South American and Philipino imports. About a year or so ago I decided to sell off my collection and replace them with Rugers. The plan was to focus on the American series. It did not quite work out that way. Here are my thoughts on my decisions. (BTW, I put this here because I have mostly Ruger revolvers) First off, my gun collection is considerably smaller, doing a bit of simple math I see it basically cost me 3 H&R's to get 1 Ruger.

    Starting with the Single Six convertable. Not a good start, it wasn't in the American venue, but I always wanted one. And glad I bought it. It's not as accurate as I wanted it to be, but it's minute of tin can, clay targets, or anything else I want to shoot with it. My MKII certainly out shoots it, but still. It's a good one.

    Next was the Charger. Mine is the first generation. New Old Stock. It had been at the store for a while, at a pretty good, meaning expensive, price. When the new chargers came out, the price dropped and I snatched it up. It's probably , along with the AR pistol, among the most useless guns I own. It's a ton of fun at the range though, and it ups the AR pistol in that it's actually a decent close range varmiter if you have the time to set up and shoot off the bipod. Also like the AR pistol, keep threatening to turn it into a rifle.

    Then the LCRX, both the 1.8" and 3". I want my revolvers to have hammers, not interested in the LCR. I love these! Lightweight and accurate. In my opinion there is not a better edc than the snubby, nor a better camp gun than the 3".

    The SP101. I love it and hate it at the same time. it's the Cadillac of 22 DA revolvers. I love it. The Match Champion and the 357 Snubby are in the consignment shop. Up for sale to fund some other Rugers. not fun at all with 357 Magnum after a few cylinders full. Seeing how I prefercto shoot what the gun was chambered for, no 38 specials for these, I decided to let them go. I think the platform would be great for the 38'specialnand 327 Federal though. I think Puger missed the boat by not chambering the SP101 Match Champion in 327. FWIW, I had a LCRX 22 on lawayay when the SP101 came in. I had shot the LCRX 22 on the range and liked it, would of been happy with it I know, but the shop owner let me replace the LCRX with the SP101. I feel like I traded a Chevrolet for a Cadillac!

    American Compact Pistol. This is the only Ruger handgun I have bought with American in it's name. So much for plans! This is however the favorite of any of the (admittedly) few polymer pistols I have owned. But my recent purchases have just reinforced that I am a revolver kind of guy. The intent was to buy the full size in 9mm and 45acp, but I have decided against it. I love the trigger on the American Pistol. Single action baby!

    LCPII. Dosen't have American in the name, but to me it's just a "baby American"! Again, I love the trigger. This one gets carried more than any of my other handguns.

    Super Black Hawk. I have always thought the Blackhawk in 41 or 44 Magnum would be the perfect hunting pistol. Finally got one in 44 Magnum. Not shot it a lot, but enough to find a pet handload. Very happy with it.

    GP100. For me, this is the perfect 357. I would of bought the 4" if I were to hunt with it, but I have the SBH for that. No, this is my BBQ gun. I have the 3" fixed sighted version. This one's for show, replacing a nickelbRIA 1911 in 38 Super. The RIA looked kind of cheap, the Ruger is very superior in the looks department. I will eventually replace the factory Hogue grips with the wood insert Ruger grips.

    SR1911 is the only other semi auto handgun that I really like. The other is the Ruger MK Series. The RIA 1911's I really hated to part with. The SR1911 more than makes up for them though.

    Bearcat. These are as scarce as hens teeth around here. But the shop got one in. It's probably my favorite revolver. Goes to the range every time I do. Sweet shooting iron!

    On the way is a Alaskan in 454. But only because the store owner said he didn't care how long it took me to pay for it as long as I paid something every month. So a down payment and $20:every week. Why the 454? Because that's what was in the case. Why the super easy terms? Because no one else has even tried to buy it. Lots of lookers, no takers. I was told he would buy nu more unless he had a deposit to order. Wonder why no takers? Price was $901 which is in line. Is it that horrible a gun to shoot? I have been told it is. I will mostly shoot 45 Colt out of it.

    And the Gunsite Scout. I want one! Gray laminate with the 18" stainless barrel please.

    Another SP101? Maybe. Thinking one in 327 Federal with the 4.2" barrel. Butbim also thing the 357/77 would be a really fun rifle to have around. What to do with the consignment money when the SP101's sell. We willl see?
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    I had a sp101 327 mag and it was no pleasure to shoot especially with the stock plastic grips. The 327 round is more costly than a 357 or 38 special also. I only had it maybe 6 months and some guy bought it. I don't miss it.

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    I like the 327. I don't own one, but have shot one quite a bit in a Blackhawk. It's a much better round than it's given credit for.

    I have shot a lot of 32 S,&W in the H&R 732 and 733, plus a bunch of 32 H&R magnum in the NEF R72. I still have the dies. Reloading negates the cost. Actually it can be argued the 32 calibers are cheaper than the 38's and 357. Less powder and lead.
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    I hear Ruger Customer Service is A # 1 Hope I never have to find out.

    The Ruger American Pistol full size 9mm is WOW! . I could never understand why people wanted a bigger gun for home defense. My little Shield can do the same job. NOT! Accuracy is great. Can shoot better at 50 feet than the Shield at 20. Love the feel, the quality, the thought that went into a lot o little things. (Love the "click" when you flip the lever to take it apart). Everything is great.

    May have to buy another after I go on a trip with my wife as my son may wear it out while I am gone.

    Son wants a RAP and a 10/22 and an LC9S. Christmas may get him the 10/22 or part of the others.

    I am loving Ruger so far.
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    Ruger had been good for my money,I really haven't had any major problem with any of mine.

    SR 1911 .45 Auto.,Redhawk .44 Magnum 4", GP 100 .357 Magnum MC 4.2"
    SP101 .357 Magnum 3", Ruger 9E, 9mm, LCR.38 SPL+P

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