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Yep he is doesn't matter who gets elected because they are all bought and paid for and only care for their political careers so they can become filthy rich for life.
It has not taken long to see that this last round of politicians that got the boot have just been replaced with politicians with the same game plan.
Tell me how when politicians keep saying they can't make it on their salaries but yet most become multi millionaires in just a few years??
It was said many years ago that the USA will have their military so spread out across the world that it will bankrupt the country. Add that to the corrupt government and banking and it is no wonder why we are where we are today.
IMO the only thing to change our present path of destruction is if the corruption of our government is brought out in the mass media. OPPS! Like that could happen when the 90% of the mass media is also bought and owned by a few corrupt organizations.
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