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    I have a link here that I bet anything the new immigrants coming to this country cannot understand this is how to keep this country great. It seems the new immigrants don't want to become Americans. They want the land of milk and honey but they don't understand how this country got so great. Nor do they have any desire to keep it great. They want to tear down this countries foundation and build their own foundation to take over this land. They don't even care if it means the destruction of this country.

    This country was built from the foundation up and the foundation is the people standing together for supporting that same foundation. Each stone added had to have been cut in the same way as the others so it will fit in perfectly adding the same strength layer by layer to become a great structure.

    Most of the new immigrants don't understand the stones they brought with them will not and cannot fit into the foundation of this country. Their stones are not cut from the same rock. Their stones don't fit our foundation and they just will not accept that. So they have to tear down what's here and the hell with American heritage. Like some Islamic foreigners were shown in the UK flipping the finger to the natural citizens while saying F....U we have taken over. Meaning they are taking over the land and all that is on it.

    The real shame is so many governments are so freely giving away what they have no right giving away. The governments are even going so far as to calling our country patriots the real terrorist to our country. What a shame they have gagged the fat lady while she is on front stage in plain view of the citizens.
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    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this link. I don't give a damn what others may think!!
    God bless you for posting this and all should take time to see it.