These 3 just wandered up, Marlin, Mav. 88, Savage Axis

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    Well, the gunshow season is just around the corner here. Ihad my old gun trading buddy come by and drop these off on me for the fall season. Just what I call "Wally World" guns. I did tell the old guy to bring a recently acquired Colt hammerless .32 and a S&W Mod. 19 and he did.

    Anyway, he left the long guns with me. I have a pic of the 3. The first one from the top is a Marlin 795 semi in .22 LR with a mew Simmons 4X on it. Second is a Maverick 88 12 ga. shorty, and a Savage Axis in .22-250 Rem. NoThing that really grabs ya. He had offered me the .22 and the 12 ga. a month ago when he made a swap with his broher. He got a bunch of reloading stuff he needed and the guns he said he had no use for. He wanted 150 for each. I kinda felt like 2 for the pair,b ut they are both like new. The Mav. 88 is suppose to be unfired and the .22 has probably been fired to sight the scope in. I checked the zero on it and ired it. Worked great. Mav. id too. I did offer him 2 and a quarer beforehe left, but he said no cause he had swapped a gun worth 350 for the loading stuff and 2 guns. He wanted to get most of his $ back outta the deal. I like the shotgun cause I had one like it and sold the thing. I still have a P-grip from a Mossy that fits it and kinda makes it into a half-azz Mossy Cruiser.

    The Sav. Axis is in a good caliber, but the gun is kinda cheapo feeling. The stock makes an ugly noise when ya rap on it like an interior hollw core door. I know it came from a local pawn shop cause the old guy said he had seen it there a month ago for 250 with no scope. He probably got it for less. The scope on it is a 70s vintage Bushnell Sportview, 3X9X32. I recognized it as one that had been on a gun I traded to hinm a few years back. The old guy likes to tinker. He had painted the black stock a "sadnd" color as he called it. He said he had not fired it and for me to check it out and see if I liked it for 350 or a good swap.. Yeah right. The Axis sold at Wally World a few years back for less than that.

    Anyway, the 3 for 650. I'm thinking more like a bill for the .22 a bill for the shotgun and 2 for the cheapo rifle. Whadda y'all think? like 4 bills for hte 3 at best. Yeah, Iknow, I'm cheap.

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    Hey Pancho,

    Good morning .

    Glad to see your still in the swapping business.
    Knowing your motives and what you like , a little.

    I Know you don't really like any of those very much.

    Top dollar for me would be $125 for the Marlin , with the scope,
    That way I am pretty sure , if I had to get rid of it, I wouldn't lose money, may even make a few bucks.

    The Shotgun....well them are a dime a dozen , not the top of the line stuff ,
    I would probably let him keep it, or leave it for $75. You MAY , MAY, find someone to take it off your hands for $100 to $125.

    On that Savage, I would consider it for $200-$225 , then see if I could pick up a decent wood stock ,cheap, for it , and it would be a good rifle. Savage bolt guns shoot good.
    Only because I really like that 22-250 caliber.

    I'm a titewad too ya know.:rolleyes:

    Yep , your right, $400-$425...,NO MORE. I would sleep good at that price.:)


  3. SavageGuy

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    I agree with Jim. Personally, I would buy the shotgun for $100 and keep it myself though.
  4. Pancho_Villa

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    Yep, about what I would give for the whole mess is 4. He wants to get what he said is "book Value" outta them. I won't give that fore them.

    I might go ut and try to shoot a group with the Savage. I tought about making a trade offer on my beater 700 BDL Rem. in .270. I have 2 more .270 bolt guns anyway. The BDl for the Savage and the Mav. 88. I can use them around here.
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  5. spikedriver

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    If that Marlin was a Model 60 ... Maybe you'd have something. None of that bunch really pegs my meter. Hard to make your money back on any of them too, at least around here.
  6. Pancho_Villa

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    Well, got back from the gunshow with all three. Buyers said that they were too high. The old guy came by on Wed. morning to pick them up. I asked if he had brought the S&W Model 19 to swap for the Remmy 700 in .270. He had come by to look at it again at the show over the weekend. He only had the Colt hammerless .32 with him. He had little luck swapping that one for anything good, so he was going home. Now he was here again and no model 19. He said he wanted to keep it a while longer. Instead, he offered to give me the Savage Axis and the Marlin .22 for the Remington 700. He wanted to give the shotgun to his son. I told him wI was not getting anywhere that way. He would have to give me the Mav. 88 also.

    Reluctantly, he pulled the strap off the Savage and said "o.k. give me the Remington." So, I got all three, the Savage Axis, Marlin .22, and the Mav. 99 for the Remington. Ihad only given 4245 for the Remington, so I was coming out ahead a bit. I had not been able to sell the Remingtion for 5 bills yet. Probably wouldhave during hunting season, but this swap will work for now.