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Number One. They are just a PLEASURE to shoot. The function of the Volquartsen made bolt in their receiver, is so flawless, it's the closest thing to being miraculous.
The Volquartsen grip frame when using almost 100% of Volquartsen made parts, provides the feeling when shooting these "custom" pistols, like exactly the same interaction as the parts in a finely made watch.
I don't care for aluminum anodized triggers, mainly because the anodizing is never evenly applied in small round holes, like the pivot pin hole in an aluminum anodized trigger. Those holes are often found to be elliptical and provide an inconsistent trigger pull. So, for my LLV, I substituted an original Clark Custom "all steel trigger" with a perfectly round pivot pin hole with a 0.0005 slip fit on the trigger pivot pin, providing an extremely smooth, consistent trigger pull.
I installed a pair of grip panels that I made for a Ruger Mark III pistol that are slightly thicker than the Ruger plastic panels, yet fit my hands much better. These panels are temporarily placed until I finish up the set of panels specifically made for this beautifully finished Volquartsen grip frame:

New panels are being shaped, finished and hand-cut-checkered from this block of AAAA grade English Walnut:

For 50+ years we have been "smoothing & tuning up" Ruger Mark .22 caliber pistols for our valued customers who appreciate the effort put into doing very professional work. We know, the work done here is NOT for everybody, and not everybody appreciates, or requires, a very "fine working" Ruger Mark pistol when all they do is recreational plinking. Those who are top notch winners, when shooting .22 rimfire Rugers in competition, are thankful that the few of their competitors that shoot stock Rugers, keep their pistols as purchased. But for serious Ruger Mark pistol owners, they always seem to find us, and not mainly from any of these forums, but by "word-of-mouth" from one experienced shooter to another who shoots near perfect scores. Works for us very well.
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