The TWIST is still just a dance move.

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    If you vote Democrat then you should really listen to what all three of the Democrat hopefuls are talking about. All three are talking about taking more of your freedoms away and giving government more control of your lives. Gun controls, Taxes, socialized medicine and society. Listen to these people and what they are promising is the removal of the past way of life in this country. Old man Bernie is on his own version of hope and change yes we can plan just like what got Obama into the big house. We all see what Obama's hope and change brought to us. I guess if you call more people on welfare than ever before in our country's history a good change then you are a winner. Yep the bottom feeders got fed. Yes we can! Yes we can what? Make the working class pay for those that will not work? Yep Obama's planned hope for change has done that.

    Bernie and Hillary are spitting gun control is the only answer to gun violence. They are not saying they are after your guns but what the heck else does it really mean? Australia is the wonderful example of what gun control is all about? Yes it is all about confiscation of guns. I want to see how they are going to say they are not after our guns when they are going after our votes in the primary election to do exactly that.

    If you vote Republican then you can count on more promises that will have about same chance as a snowball in hell of actually happening. Has anyone noticed the old " I will balance the budget" line is missing from all the candidates from either party? That will probably be the number one cause of this country's demise but I haven't heard any mentioning of it this go around. They are going to close the borders? How many times have we heard that in the last 10 years? Going to enforce immigration laws? When? Going to bring jobs back into the USA? How when just about everything is being outsourced to foreign countries? Because of the USA having the highest business taxes how are we going to see more business come here? This country can't survive being a service and middle man paper pusher of products.

    IMO no matter how I would vote I am going to get screwed. My vote is just like putting my coin in juke box number one or number two. I am just going to get another song and dance tune. The dance the "twist" is a good example how you can twist it any way you want but it still is just a dance.
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