The scared plant.

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    Interesting series about the health benefits of natural and medical marijuana. It's a shame big pharma and our government are keeping cannabis from being legalized. Strange how so many pharmaceutical drugs have horrendous side effects and are literally killing thousands of people every year yet natural marijuana with basically no bad side effects yet has wonderful health benefits is kept illegal.
    Watch this 7 part video series about the Sacred Plant and be amazed that cannabis is kept illegal when many could benefit greatly from it. People need to quit believing the propaganda about how evil and bad marijuana is. People die everyday from OD on alcohol yet it is legal to consume but I have yet to hear of someone that OD on marijuana that is still federally illegal to use.
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    Be legal soon. Marijuana is habit forming, impairs driving and involves people in the culture / lifestyle of intoxication. It is not as bad as alcohol.
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    I feel that there needs to be more money and research done on the medical benefits if cannabis. This part of the argument is a no brainier. There are proven benefits to some of the derivatives if cannabis, that does not mean that smoking pot is beneficial to society or the individual for recreation use. Alcohol has its down side also. Making something illegal because some people abuse and misuse it punishes those who would use it responsibly. Better it worse than alcohol makes no difference, arguing that it is harmless makes the user sound ignorant of the facts. Admit that it can be harmful but fight for your tight to use it responsibly. I don't mix alcohol worth firearms and I hope none of you would mix pot with firearms either.
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    I fail to agree that pot is addictive. You can smoke five joints and never smoke another joint.
    Try doing that with crack or heroin or even opioids and I bet you will not be able to quit.
    Pot has no comparison to hard drugs or even alcohol for that matter.
    The side effects of hard drugs can be killer but side effects of pot is mostly getting the munchies.
    Do I smoke pot? No. Would I have one plant growing in my back yard if it was legal? Yes I would. Basically to have some on hand in case of experiencing a lot of pain or someday having a health problem pot was known to cure.
    Would I try crack or coke or even known addictive pain killers? Absolutely not. I am smart enough to abstain from using a possibly life ruining substance just for a few minutes or hour of feeling a recreational high.
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    I'm no expert, but I did a little smoking back in the day, just like most of you probably did as well. I preferred booze, personally. I will say, even if weed has far fewer damaging effects than other drugs, it tends to make people pretty worthless. Even now some of my old college buddies are stuck in the 90s, working low paid crap jobs and basically rotting away in a crap city, and their lack of ambition and resolve directly relates to their use of weed. I'm all for medical use - we prescribe far crazier things. Recreational use is pretty worthless...
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    Most all the people I toked with many moons ago have made very good lives for themselves and their families.
    For the hundreds of thousands of people that have toked pot a few seeds that failed to germinate hardly determine pot as the cause. The plant doesn't make the seed fail.

    I dare anyone to compare the lives ruined from alcohol compared to those ruined that used pot. No comparison what so ever.

    When I read reports of many children and even adults lives being made better by consuming pot then I have to ask why is pot still illegal. I dare you to show me thousands of lives made better by consuming alcohol.

    Show me a report that shows cancer, tumors, seizures, autism, arthritis and other diseases have been in some cases eliminated by use of alcohol.

    More testing needed on pot before making it legal? How about more emphasis on the health benefits proven by use of pot right now. How about that child that no longer bashes his head through drywall thanks to medical marijuana?

    The only reason pot is not legal nationwide is because the federal government has been bought off by big pharma lobbyists. Yet bribery is supposed to be illegal. Big pharma can't prove pot is a hard drug with dangerous side effects anymore than they can prove their immunizations are safe for children to use. Oh yeah here take these opioids for pain but please don't blame us when your life ends because of asking them. But big pharma and the government say pot should remain illegal?
    Wake the heck up people!
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    If I took one hit from a joint I'd be back on booze in no time! I do think pot is addictive as I've been sober for almost 21 years and have seen/learned alot in AA/NA to not believe otherwise.