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The Ruger 10/22 is one of the most popular rimfire rifles in the world. About the only extra you could ask for is that it can break down into a smaller package for carrying by backpackers etc. Well, wait, that exists already-- the 10/22 Takedown.

Why a Takedown rifle

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The 22LR is a proven round for taking small game, target practice, and even (when using ammunition such as the CCI Velociraptor) capable of limited self-defense. The rifles are small that use the round, but are still carbine sized (35-40-inches long), meaning that when in the woods they have to be slung. However, if you could break the gun into pieces, it could be carried in a small backpack, stored in a cabinet, toolbox, or boat cubbyhole. As such, it can be present in situations where you would not ordinary have the presence of mind to carry a rifle.

Ruger's offering

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Ruger has really stepped up to the plate on these new little 10/22 variants. Dubbed the Takedown, for obvious reasons, these 22s break down into two primary pieces with the flip of a lever, and about a 90-degree turn of the forend to separate. The chamber of the rifle is in the front element of the gun to ensure that it cannot be fired while broken down. You must marry up both sections before firing. You can unload it, take it down into three primary pieces (buttstock/receiver, barrel/forearm, loaded magazine), and store it in 60-seconds of less with just a few minutes training. The overall length assembled is 37-inches and the longest section once disassembled is right at about 20.

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The standard model, Ruger catalog code K10/22-TD is stainless steel, has a black synthetic stock, gold bead front sight, adjustable rear, and takes all standard 10/22 accessories. With an 18.5-inch barrel, the overall weight is only 4.67-pounds. The only downside of these guns is that they have polymer trigger housing, but this is augmented by an extended magazine release.

Video from TwangnBang showing the 10/22 Takedown, Ruger branded backpack, and a few miscellaneous items from a survival perspective.

And a threaded model too..

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For those who like quiet time, Ruger also offers the TDT version of this gun, which is an all satin-black, finish rather than stainless, and has a 16.5-inch tactical barrel. This barrel comes standard with a birdcage style flash suppressor but the really neat thing about it is that if you unscrew it, there are 1x28TPI thread underneath for mounting your favorite aftermarket suppressor be it the Silencerco Sparrow, AAC, etc. With cans like the TAC-65 only running about 5-inches long, the barrel/can is still just over 21-inches long. Huntertown arms and others have already started making take-down integrally suppressed barrels for these rifles, which gives you another option if you aren't a 'can man'.

MSRP on these guns is right at $399 but they are going for more than that online due to the newness of the design. However, keep watching and grab one of your own soon.

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