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It wasn't too long ago that Ruger released the double-action LCR revolver to rave reviews. Then came the LCRx which gave the masses what they wanted-- an exposed hammer. Then came the 5-round, 9mm Luger version that utilized moon clips, and still boasted the standard 1.875 inch barrel in length. This short barrel, while convenient for concealed carry, often doesnt do much for accuracy.

Well, that has changed.

Now comes the LCRx with the great compromise that is a 3-inch barrel. Designed with self-defense and concealed carry in mind, this new .38SPL gives more accuracy to the shooter, while still keeping an overall short 7.5-inch length and trim 15.7-ounce (unloaded) weight. Plus the advantage of the DA/SA hammer is a bonus for many.

If instead of worrying that the gun is too large for concealed carry you are instead concerned that it may be too small for your hand, rest assured that you will have a comfortable grip as it comes with a full-length Hogue grip.

View attachment 11099

Additionally, this firearm has been stepped up from traditional sights that consisted of a mere groove on the frame to instead feature revolver sights that are fully adjustable. The front sight is pinned and ramped and can be switched out to suit your personal preferences. The frame itself consists of an alloy sub-frame coated in a polymer shell which makes it light to carry.

So yeah, if you can imagine that, you have a combat styled revolver that comes in at less than a pound. As such, this moves the 3-inch LCRx from just a deep carry belly gun to a handgun you could actually double as a plinker on the range. If you enjoy shooting revolvers but are not necessarily a fan of the
snub-nose, you may find that experimenting with this 3 inch barrel suits

Combining this barrel length with a full grip and the polymer alloy frame design has resulted in comfortable handling that makes recoil less of a problem, even in the case of self-defense rounds or hot +P ammo.

View attachment 11100
Photo: Real Guns

With a little luck, the LCRx will be available in an assortment of calibers, but for now it is only available in .38 Special.

As more chamberings become available (come on .327!), this gun is sure to please a wider array of shooters who enjoy it's additional barrel length and compact lightness all at the same time. Retail price is set to start at $529, which is a reasonable expectation for a gun of this quality and design.

What a difference an inch makes.

Is the LCRx a pleasing arrival in your opinion? Is there something you would like to see done differently, or is it just right the way it is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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