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My gunsmith gave up on fabricating an extractor for my Customized Remington Rolling Block .22 Hornet, so the screwdriver extractor it will be. It works OK with practice. Installed the bipod and new scope (Simmons Pro Sport 3-9x) and bore sighted it yesterday. Went to the range after bowling league this morning. Sunny, temp in the mid 70s, RH 45%. (Yep, gloating). Ran the sighting-in gamut, 25+50+100 yards. Everything hunky-dory, except a fair amount of walking from bench to target and back. Healthful exercise I suppose, but all I wanted. Considering getting a spotting scope - any recommendations?. All alone at the range again. We have about 200 members, must be they are working stiffs, eh? ;)

Rain predicted for tomorrow, sunny again Friday; the .44 mag rifle and revolver are scheduled for action.

Vermont in the summertime; gotta love it.
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