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Got out this morning with the 'plinker' (a.k.a. the beast) for the first shots, no pattering as I just wanted to get a feel for it and how it would operate. It cycled with authority, no short stroking. I was wearing my heavy down winter jacket so no doubt it absorb some recoil but it felt good in the hands and didn't knock me around. Of course once I start blasting my steel buckshot loads and wearing just a shirt it may be a totally different story.

But I'm very pleased at this point. And I shot from both sides.
I ordered another choke for it as I won't be able to use the one I have with the buckshot loads. Got the same style (extended) but with no restriction.
Stop off at one of the local big box stores and scoop up another 100 rounds at .32 cents a round, you can't beat that with a stick. And if all goes as planned it will become my buckshot defense load. I now have a stash of 500 rounds.

I hope the online shops realize a lot of people out here will never buy sht from them again, I sure as hell won't.
It's been the local brick and mortar who has not gouge the public. And they will get my business.
Every single online shop is robbing the public.

I'll keep this thread up to date as I journey along with the 'plinker' (a.k.a. the beast)

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