The Next 10 22 Design Chosen

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    chriseger Feature Writer

    Last month, we covered Ruger's 50th Anniversary Design contest in which the company invited any 10/22 owner to submit their own personal 'built' of Bill Ruger's rimfire burp gun. The submissions were pretty interesting and we have the rundown.

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    The top ten

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    Looking at the designs voted as being in the top ten from more than 2000 entries, several common themes came up. At least three of the designs incorporated two-piece take downs to make the gun capable of storage in small backpacks.

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    Others really liked tricking the rifle out into a mini-tactical rifle. This included a .22 "Baby Scout" rifle concept complete with compact extended magazine and laminated stock.

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    Others did full-fledged bench rest rifles, a concept that is usually reserved for single shot and bolt-action rifles.

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    And the winner that will be made as a production rifle for the rest of us is...

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    For the rest of the entries, check the link at Ruger's Anniversary Design Built contest's website