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  1. SavageGuy

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    Alrighty, let's talk about AR's!
    I'm in the process of building my first AR right now. I've got an Anderson lower and a PSA upper. I also bought a PSA lower build kit, but PSA forgot to ship it with the upper. So I'm still waiting for that to arrive before I start building out the lower.
    For optics I have a Burris fastfire 3 mounted on top of a carry-handle style rear sight.

    So, what are you doing with your AR?
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  2. Pancho_Villa

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    I looked at some complete lowers over the weekend at a gunshow. Can't remember the manuf. It was a good enough one. The guy had pistol lowers for 2 bills, carbine lowers for 220, and rifle lowers for 240. All complete. I asked if there was any difference bnt he lower itself for any of them. He said no., They were all pistol lowers and you could add an uipper according to how the lower was finished, with or witout a buttstock. As long as the barrel length was rright, you were o.k.

    He also had some complete guns for 539, carbines and rifles. Looked at a few others. Most were in the 550 to 6 biillrange, all complete. Didn't find any bare lowers or uppers this time. Well, I spent most of my $ on 2 Glocks, so I didn't get one anyway.

    Ihave a few parts laying around for a carbine. I am hoping that prices continue to go down. But how low can they go?

    I already have a carbiner and a rifle I have to feerd now. They eat alot and very quickly.:D

  3. SavageGuy

    SavageGuy Active Member

    A few pics of my build so far:
    ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1488517386.927155.jpg
    ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1488517412.058581.jpg
    ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1488517438.709687.jpg
  4. greg_r

    greg_r Well-Known Member

    I had no use for the AR platform for a long time. Dislike for the platform steming from bad experiences with it while I was in the service. I only decided to buy a carbine several years ago when it looked like they might be put on the can't have list. Bought an entry level one just because I still could. In the first sveral years I owned it I probably shot it less than 100 times. I already had the 223 and 300 Blackout in another platform so I was set. Being a tinkerer, I had a lot of fun modifying it though.

    Then one day I decided to scope the AR. It shot into less than 3/4 inch! Suddenly it became interesting! The group's would spread after the barrel heated so I built a second upper with a 16 inch heavy contour barrel. Both of these were chambered in 5.56 NATO.

    Well, now I was liking the platform and decided I needed something more suitable for deer and pigs, so I built a carbine in 300 Blackout. And I needed one giving the most velocity out of the 52 grain pill I liked for groundhogs, so I built a 24 inch 223 Wylde chambered varmint contour A1 stocked rifle. It was accurate, but front heavy. OK for shooting off bags but no fun to carry. I fixed that think by building another upper for it. This one with a fluted DMR contour 20 inch tube in 223 Wylde. Not shot this one yet but it handles much better.

    Some builds I progress are an AR 9. I was going to SBR this one, but decided the funds would be better spent on components so I bought a Hahn dedicated magazine well block, 16 inch barrel and ramped bolt. It's still a work I progress.

    I picked up a 24-45 Sharps barrel. It wil be another upper for my A1 lower. And I picked up another stripped upper, this one with an enlarged ejection port. Tis one is going to be a big bore. Still undecided, 450 Bushmaster, 458 SOCOM, or 50 Beowulf. Right now the SOCOM is getting the nod, but I like that first has chambered the RARR for the Bushmaster. Would be a good companion piece, and I like the Ruger. 12.7x42 barrels are easier to find though and cheaper. $300 will get me a barrel and bolt. It's the equivalent to the 50 Beowulf, I am wondering why they are not marked Beowulf though? Also trying to decide if this will be another upper to my 300 BLK (probably) or if it I'll be its own lower.
  5. phideaux

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    I have only built one AR15, 5 years ago,
    Its a tack driver, its also a safe queen...:dunno:




  6. SavageGuy

    SavageGuy Active Member

    I called PSA about the missing lower parts again yesterday. They said that they'll be shipped out either today or Monday.

    So in the meantime I changed the handguard out for a Magpul one. I also put on a mission first tactical rtg grip. Still need to find a light for it. Any suggestions?

    ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1489905036.927873.jpg
  7. EasyCZ

    EasyCZ Member

    Anderson lower, PSA upper.

    ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1490294192.912451.jpg
  8. SavageGuy

    SavageGuy Active Member

    Well, PSA FINALLY came through. I originally ordered on 2/7/17. I originally noticed the missing parts and called PSA on 2/27/17. Today I received the missing half of my order. It took three calls, a total of 2.5 hours of hold time and 24 days of waiting. But it got here.

    ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1490320967.772841.jpg
    ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1490320978.619870.jpg
  9. JohnR

    JohnR New Member

    Mine's just a stock M&P15 Sport with a Mepro M21 optic. I'm thinking of getting a 1-4x scope to get accuracy out a ways.
  10. spikedriver

    spikedriver Active Member

    I've got a Superior M4gery. Bushnell 1-4x dot scope, and a gunsmith did the trigger down to just over 4 lbs. and almost perfectly crisp. It can group under 1 3/4" at 200 yards, when my shooting is on point. I'll get some pics up when I get back from AZ next week.
  11. nickndfl

    nickndfl Active Member

    $499 @ CDNN right now with flip up sights.
  12. SavageGuy

    SavageGuy Active Member

    Went and shot my AR today. I actually went to an actual range instead of the woods this time. Shot it from a bench on paper. Finally got it officially dialed in, both the irons and the red dot. Another flawless 80 rounds of Tulammo and Hotshot steel case. My last 4 shots were touching at 50 yards with irons so I'm happy.

    ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1495242129.633178.jpg
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