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The Constitution ain't broken - but SCOTUS is

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President Trump is going to make his decision next week. I am using VT(Bob's) statement:
The Constitution ain't broken - but SCOTUS is
I have heard some names mentioned however none are people I am familiar with. First of all, I want a Supreme Court that will interpret the law and not legislate from the bench. Another thing I would like to see is an age limit for SCOTUS. It is a lifetime appointment and I would suggest an age limit of 80 yrs. old. I am ten years away from 80 however I can feel myself "loosing some of my memory" and it irritates me to no end. I lay down tools and forget where I put them, try to name names and get confused or forget and things in general. SCOTUS people are no different than the rest of us when our memory starts to mis-fire and age does have an effect on us. We may be replacing up to 3 Supreme Court justices in the next 5-8 yrs. due to old age. When it comes to memory, they are no different than us. Father Time has an effect on all of us. Just MHO only!

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Getting old ain't for the weak of heart Tommy !!
Totally agree with you Tommy. I'll be 75 in late April. The slippage is gradual but collectively a decline of note.

And I want term limits on senators and congressman. Of course that is never going to happen.
In my opinion there should be term limits on every facet of our government and these huge wastes of oxygen should have to rely on the same social security and retirement as the rest of us loyal subjects, I bet it would all get fixed in record time if that happened
Well maybe SCOTUS can redeem itself. Last night I learned of a SC case to be heard in February. It is a challenge of New Jersey's highly restrictive gun laws. It is almost impossible to the get a carry permit there and you need permission to purchase a gun. The case is outlines in the 2A and legal discussions forum. I posted links to more info and the plaintiff's writ. For gun owners
S and would be gun owners in NJ this could be relief.
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