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    I posted this a year or so ago on another gun board, just found the text file again. Figure it's worth saying again, slightly edited

    [FONT=&quot]"Going by what I've read in newspapers, magazines, the Internet in general and this [/FONT][FONT=&quot]board[/FONT][FONT=&quot], there are a lot of [/FONT][FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot] Americans,[/FONT] gun-owning as well as not, who don't understand "the American freedom" as it applies to guns. I think it's possible that one has to grow up around guns, in a family that treats them as tools, useful as axe and saw and hammer are, and only incrementally more specialized and dangerous. Their additional utility as defensive weapons then comes as a matter of course."

    Judging by the number of guns being sold in LGSs in recent months, a lot of Americans are taking up defensive tools again.
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    I agree guns are very much misunderstood concerning their need and use.

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    ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN. the real war on women is coming from those who would render them defenseless by taking their second amendment rights, and convincing them that somehow they are safer defenseless!
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    Growing up , as a kid, we, (my family), never thought of guns as being a freedom,
    We just used them like we did the mules , the fishing pole, the hoe(in garden), to sustain life , by helping to provide food.

    Freedom ?
    Is owning a car, tractor, plow, or anything a freedom ?

    In America , I guess it is, just never looked at it that way.

    When you grow up with guns, or anything else....
    It was just a way of life.