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Discussion in 'Ruger 10/22' started by DDubya, Oct 31, 2013.

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    Without going into the gory details, I managed to drill a hole for sling swivels in the wrong place on my 10/22 Takedown. Then while experimenting with some other options I managed to drill a second hole in a wrong place. So I called Ruger Customer Service and at first the guy said he couldn't sell me a replacement forend as it wasn't listed. Then he took my number and said he'd get back to me. Thirty minutes later he called back and asked for my address and he would send a replacement right out. I asked how much and he said, "No charge." I thanked him and told him that's why I own over a dozen Ruger firearms. They take care of their customers.
  2. bikeride4fun

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    That's awesome.....Ruger has some of the best customer service in the business.....

  3. Jody

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    Awesome; my pop had similar CS experience with a Super Blackhawk when I was a kid. Besides the fact that many (most) of their designs just look, function, & feel perfect to me, the way they stand behind their stuff has kept me on as a customer for life.
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    Had a problem with my sr22 pistol the round where turning and hit the target sideways. Called Ruger customer service sent out the gun to Ruger . A week later the gun was returned no bill Winchester 22 ammo messed up the barrel of my gun they rebuilt my entire gun put new parts in and repaired my sr22 no charge great customer service. This is why I have all Ruger firearms

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