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    Hi all, I am looking forward to meeting all of you Ruger buffs.

    That is the 45 ACP cylinder shown with the Ruger. The cartridges are from left: 45 ACP 230 gr. Lead Truncated Cone; 45 ACP 230 gr. FMJ; 45 Colt shotshell; 45 Colt 200 gr. Hornady WC; 45 Colt 165 gr. LHP; 45 Colt 255 gr LRNFP.

    Love the Blackhawk. Wish I had something even bigger now that I have shot the 45. I had 2 Super Single Six Convertibles, 2 MKII, one tapered and one bull bbl, and later had for a short time a MKIII Gvt. target model with a 6 7/8" bull barrel. It was a nightmare...nuff said.

    I love the Hogue soft grips. Heavy loads used to slap my palm but the soft grips are longer and I get a better grip and the gun is easy to shoot now.

    Incidentally, I have nearly new/near perfect mags and target grips and holster for the MKIII, plus scrap parts left over from the gun when it went buh bye. Those parts will be posted in the parts forum.


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    Welcome to the forum :)

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    Welcome to the Ruger Talk Forum !!
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    I had a Ruger Blackhawk .357 Mag back in 1966. I bought it used in AK. It had the wood grips. I now kick my butt for selling before I left up there. I used it for bear protection when fishing. I practiced at 25 yds on a 6 in. bulls eye. I could fire rapid fire all 6 rounds in the bulls eye. Never had to use it but I knew the only way to bring down a bear was multiple rounds close together.