Texas hostile state?

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    Texas House has just voted with almost blow out numbers to propose law to use gold and silver as means of statewide backed currency. Texas has several bills pending to stop any federal laws infringing on 2nd Amendment. Texas is pro gun pro right to defend oneself with a gun. Texas I believe opted out of Obummercare. Texas I believe has the highest number of people in the military which just goes to show Texas is very patriotic. Texas is known as a big Bible belt state. Texas probably is among states with highest numbers of armed citizens. Flags flying is constant reminder Texas is very patriotic. Texas is a red state and yes it is conservative as Texas history and pride is taught all throughout public schooling.
    Obama as well as Hillary have made many comments that religious and Constitutional thumping conservative patriots are the biggest terrorist threat to the safety of the USA. Is that why Jade Helm 15 has two so called training areas in Texas? Is that why the prison grounds in Bastrop, TX has a field loaded with military vehicles being repainted and revamped by prison inmates? Is that why there have been two large WalMarts closed in Texas? One in Midland and one in Livingston is just a coincidence?
    Seems it is no wonder Texas according to Obama and his supporting agencies claim Texas as a hostile state is being shown by fully equipped military presence. Which by the way is unconstitutional. Well Obama promised he would make an internal army larger and even as well equipped as the federal military. Again this is unconstitutional.
    Jade Helm 15 started out being in four states then it was said maybe twelve states and now it is said the number is still climbing. Jade Helm 15 IMO is not for training soldiers how to blend in with local citizens while also working with local law enforcement so they can be better trained for fighting in foreign countries. IMO they are training and setting in place for something major coming real soon to the USA homeland.
    No need to get the flame throwers out. In short time the true agenda will be seen and then will we see what is what. I would so love to be surprised Obama has only the best interests in national security for preservation of the USA. I love surprises.
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