Texas County Sues Gun Activist

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    Headline: "Waller County Sues Gun Activist Over Courthouse Ban"

    Texas law is unclear (to me) on whether you can carry in any public building that has rooms in it where they hold court of any sort.

    Within Texas law there are provisions for citizens to take action who believe no gun signs are posted illegally.
    Waller county don't like that....
    The county is suing the activist for $100,000 because he complained to the state over signs he believes are posted illegally.


    It's my understanding that our Attorney General Ken Paxton is of the opinion that the gun ban only applies to court rooms.
    The 15 days he gave Waller County to comply is ticking away. This should be interesting.

    Waller County is just north west of Houston.
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    Hah. Do you suppose the county (or some of its officials) have had run-ins with the guy before?

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    This is my neck of the woods or prairie. Texas Law Shield I believe is representing the person being sued.
    I just heard on the news Waller County is being investigated for a prisoner having very bad staph infections on much of his body. The prisoner has been in jail for over 700 days for assaulting an officer and could meet the $125,000 bail.
    Waller County is also where the woman supposedly hung herself in her jail cell which caused a really big investigation.
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