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Discussion in 'Second Amendment and Legal' started by buster40c, Feb 6, 2016.

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    I saw my first 30.07 sign today. The sign means no open carry gun allowed in the store. It was at a pawn shop and I really don't know what their reasoning is. No 30.06 sign though so concealed carry is allowed.
    I don't plan on open carrying in public. No need for open myself up to citizen fear or police scrutiny.
    The pawn shop has a Colt Peacekeeper .22lr that looked very good and possibly in an original box for around $1200 I think. They also had a Colt Police Special 38 spl for around $700 that the finish was about all patina.
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    Funny...the only people that make out when they change a law is the people who make signs...

    We got "turn on red light intersection laws" decades ago and just about every intersection in the city has a NO TURN ON RED SIGN...( wish I had that contract with the city )

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    I'm seeing 30.06 signs posted in places that never had them before. The same businesses have put up the new 30.07 sign at the same time.
    Most of them do not meet the size and location requirements as to comply with Texas law. So by the letter of the law, you could ignore them. :spot:
    Don't think I want to be the test case though! :duck:

    The clerk is in a bullet proof box. So we the customers would be the only ones in danger. I just stay out of those joints.
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    I think it just shows how brainwashed so many people are. Like that sign will in anyway protect them. If anything it made them a target for criminals while losing law abiding customers. IMO.