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Tommy , I totally agree with Teddy, that is the way it was always intended to be, and should be.

everybody offends everybody.

Looks like that thinking kinda fell by the way side..huh?

Now , kids cant even wear a tee shirt to school with our flag on it...
it might offend someone who wants to wear the ISIS flag.

College students are offended that their state flag has the stars and bars on it. And now they're offended by Woodrow Wilson.

Black Lives Matter people are offended that Muslims attacked Paris and stole news media headlines from BLM.

Muslims are offended by anybody who is not Muslim.

Atheists are offended that Christians believe in God.

Native Americans are offended by, well, pretty much everything.

Illegal aliens are offended that the word "illegal" is used to describe the illegal things they are doing (sneaking into the country).

PC folks are offended that clock boy was interrogated about the bomb-look-alike that he brought to school (I just read that he now wants $15 million for that).

Everything Donald Trump says offends someone (OK, that one is half valid).


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It is a different country today and those running it are only interested in making slaves out of everyone taking their last dime if they can get away with it. When patriots and freedom protectors are considered more of a threat to the USA than Jihadist Islam terrorism is then there is no doubt what the agenda is.
Try going into any country and try taking down their country flag and replace it with the USA flag. You will not live long enough to take a picture of it.
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