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Tax Returns: What are you buying?

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IRS starts accepting tax returns on wednesday. For those of you getting a return instead of oweing money; what are you buying with your return?

I've got some home repairs to do, saving some back for a little vacation this spring, and thinking about another 10/22 or maybe another Glock.
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Haven't decided what I'm getting this year...

but there is always a firearm bought every year !!
Getting a new A/C unit for the old homestead. Crapped out last August. Sadly probably no gun this tax season for me.:(
Got 22/45 Lite on order
I bought a LX bunk house trailer to pull behind my Fatboy. I used my credit card to purchase it, then used my bonus to have my heads ported to match my already cam and compression. My tax return has to go towards my credit card.

What I want is a savage 308. It will have to wait another year.
A gun safe and banking the rest.
I'll be lucky if I get enough back to buy a brick of cheap 22's.:mad:
I'll be lucky if I get enough back to buy a brick of cheap 22's.:mad:
I wish I could find a brick of cheap 22lr :(
I hear ya they are getting hard to find. Between me and a couple friends constantly looking I managed to get 3 550 count bricks in the last month. Now however we can't seem to find any anywhere. I used to go shooting every week before all this nonsense started. The only score I've had in the last week and a half was at walmart where I managed to pick up there last two 20 cnt boxes of Remington 30/30's. I didn't really need them because I have an order in with a friend for reload 30/30's and 9mm's. The way things are today you just have to take what you can get at the moment and be grateful. :(
I buy nothing. I use my tax returns to pay auto insurance, home owners insurance, aircraft insurance, and property taxes. Works out perfect every year. No payments on any of that stuff. Paid in full with tax returns. Gives me a good peace of mind.
A better tax pro.

I need to go rework it an an H&R Block or something.
Paying bills...
Any spare $$ will likely go to my daughter's wedding. But I'm ok with that ... :)
A pack of bubble gum?
Can you afford it? With the rising cost of gum and taxes I'm thinking I'm going to pass on my gum this year.
I bought a M&P 15 right before Christmas, doubt if the wife would appreciate another firearm expenditure. I do plan on having a trigger job done on my SR9 and having a new black finish put on my LC9.

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I would like to get
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I think after we pay some bills we're going to take the train to Arizona to see the inlaws.
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