Taurus SS M605 .357 Magnum Snubby

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    I just picked a .357 Magnum M605 up a few weeks ago and I was curious if anyone else might own one and how you like it? I purchased mine because I don't have a carry revolver and always wanted one. I usually carry the Ruger LCP in a Kydex Pwii IWB holster or a SR9c and just got a Little FoxX IWB holster for it. But seems since I purchased the M605 .357 I haven't been able to put it down, been carrying it full time. Purchased a $11.95 Blackhawk IWB holster for it when I got it at the Fin Feather Fur and been using that and seems to be working well, plan or getting a better one though, also got 2 Bianchi speed strips to carry with it. Maybe I have always been a revolver man and never new it? I am sure when it warms up I will be getting my LCP back out.

    NOTE: you do see rounds in the cylinder, I put spent casings there for a better picture
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