Taurus .44 Mag SS 6.5"

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    I'm building my gun budget to buy my next revolver. I don't have any revolvers with a barrel over 4.2 ".I think i'm going to go with the Taurus .44 Mag.SS 6.5" barrel. I really don't won't to spend as much as I did for my Ruger Redhawk and my S&W 69 .44 Magnums both 4" & 4.2" barrels. They were in the $ 700.00+ & $ 850.00+ range. I would like to read some of the members who own or have shot the Taurus .44 Mag. 6.5" opinions. If you don't mind sharing your opinions will you?
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  2. phideaux

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    I can only attest to how the 4", Taurus 44 mag , Tracker 444, shoots and functions.

    Great shooter.



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    My nephew has a taurus M608 I think it is. It is a 8 shot 357 Magnum. He really likes it and has shot it quite a bit in the year or so he has had it. He liked it so well that he bought the M44 which is the same gun but chambered in 44 Magnum. Both are 4 inch though. I have shot them once, just a few cylinders through each. They are good shooters, but LOUD, even with ear muffs on.

    In my opinion they are 3 inch guns, the last inch of barrel is not rifled, just has the ports. Don't know why they counterbored them.

    My 44 Magnum load is a maximum charge of IMR4227 behind a 230 grain bullet. Stout load. The recoil drives the trigger guard into my trigger finger on my 4 5/8" Super Blackhawk. Did not do that with the Taurus M44. The Ruger is a stronger built gun, but the Taurus is plenty beefy and I think it will last a long time.
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    My youngest daughter (30 sumpin) fell in love with that Tracker, and called it hers, and shot it every chance she got,

    She is a good shot with it, and not recoil sensitive.
    The ribbed grips really tame it.