Tame the Beast SP 101

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    I have a Ruger SP 101, 2 1/4 barrel that had the "Tame the Beast" package done on it. This was done in the early 90s before Jack Weigand stopped doing this type of work. The pistol was bead blasted, hammer spur removed, action job done and ported. He used something called Vibra Port which I didn't like, so I had it Magna-Ported. Gun is in excellent condition. I have all the paperwork, to include Weigand's invoice. Is there a premium on this gun or is it just a used SP 101?
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    Interesting post. I would like to see a pic of it.
    Personally I prefer the polished stainless look over the bead blast dull look. I guess a person would have to shoot it to see the benefits of the work you had done to it. Then the gun might be worth more to some people.
    Jack it would be appreciated and you probably will get more response on the forum if you go to introductions and introduce yourself to other members. Usually it gets new members off to a better rolling start here on RT.
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    My experience over the years , has been , that it hasn't made very much, if any difference in the resale value of a particular gun model, when I have added anything , such as trigger jobs, sights, comps, grips, or any mods.

    It usually just sells for that gun models going street price.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I sure would like to see a couple of pics on that pistol. I am not familiar with that gun customizer. It seems there are so many variations out there that when we hear of one, we like to see them and their work. Please post some photos.