Taking away your 2nd rights is constitutionally legal?

Discussion in 'Second Amendment and Legal' started by buster40c, Apr 6, 2018.

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    So even though the 2nd Amendment is law of the land and our constitutional right to bare arms it is okay for some take the law into their own hands to fine you for owning a semi auto gun basically of any kind?
    Now just who are the biggest threat to the USA? It sure isn't law abiding citizens that live within their constitutional rights to own and bare arms. The biggest threat to the USA is from people that think they can change at will the law of the land. Unbelievable how our country as a whole is being flushed down the poop shoot by ignorant people. People that have no idea the 2nd was written to stop people.government from disarming law abiding citizens.

    Deerfield, IL city council has passed a semi auto assault rifle and handguns ban that can fine a person not following the ordinance. Other states and cities have also passed similar laws and ordinances. Check it out for yourself and see what anti constitutional movements are not being reported by main stream media.

    Just how long before the SHTF happens? We are about to see just how much if any the 2nd really will mean anything.

    If you think the Dailysheeple is a poor site to listen to then check out the many other reports that back up this 2nd Amendment infringement by people that think they can make the law according to their own self made power. Damn the Constitution, full speed ahead to whatever their agenda is.

    I have a question, why are there often several robots on this Rugertalk forum?

    We the citizens are going to experience some unconstitutional hard times very shortly.
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    Hey buster, unconstitutional hard times are here now... Have been for a while.
    On Friday, 4/6/2018, some judge upheld a ban on AR's in Massachusetts.


    Those claiming AR-15's are "weapons of war" have never asked a person that's gone to war if that is true.
    If we armed our soldiers with the AR's that we can buy over the counter... We would be putting them at a horrible disadvantage.
    Soldiers need REAL weapons of war, not standard age old semi-auto rifles........
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    I totally agree which only makes me wonder that since citizens are allowing the constitution to be basically ignored and deemed irrelevant whether the 2nd will even be used. People are and have been letting the SCOTUS get away with tyranny against the people and that right there should have set off the citizens to stop it from happening. But no the 2nd just sits there on paper that has been deemed not of relevance to these times.

    If this isn't the tell tale sign of what is in our future then what is it? Our country is run by a corruptible shadow that is out for total destruction of the USA. The people are being played against themselves with such mind games that the people can't even recognize they are played to aid in the take down of this country and support a New World Order. The citizens of the USA are being led to supporting the corruption by the shadow controllers.

    Keep the people's minds preoccupied however necessary while controlling what they hear and think. The internet right now is going through such a overall censoring in order to totally control the internet content. Alternative news websites are having their monetary needs shut down as the means of shutting their websites down. Google, Paypal and even EBAY are being used to shut those websites down. I know that from personal experience. Just another example of how to control what we can read, hear, and see on the internet.

    When you go to the homepage of this forum ask yourself why are there so many robots viewing this site? I have seen as many as 8 robots viewing this site out of a total of perhaps 45 viewers. If that doesn't get you scratching your head then you just might be oblivious to what is going on.

    It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled. Albert Einstein.
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    The left is totally out of control and will not only destroy the 2nd amendment but the whole constitution. Their answer to everything is a big socialist government. We live in a sad world my friends.