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It's an Exciting Time for Swarovski. Big Savings - New Products

This really is an exciting time in Swarovski Optics. Reticle Spotting Scopes, Discounts on the Finest Binoculars Made - The Swarovsion EL's and their very exciting new X5 Riflescopes.

If you've been thinking about a new Swarovski Swarovision EL Binocular now's the time. prices have been reduced:

Swarovsion EL 8x32's were $2199.00 now they are only $1979.00

Swarovision EL 10x32's were 2299.00 now they are only $2069.00

Swarovision EL 8.5x42's were $2529.00 now they are only $2279.00

Swarovision EL 10x42's were $2579.00 now they are only $2319.00

Swarovision EL 10x50's were $2769.00 now they are only $2499.00

Swarovision EL 12x50's were $2829.00 now they are only $2549.00

We have had fantastic reviews on the new Swarovski STR 80 Spotting Scope available with your choice of MRAD or MOA Reticle:
More functionality, better performance.
Thanks to its crystal-clear HD optics and 80-mm objective diameter, the STR 80 spotting scope provides impressive detail recognition, as well as bright, lifelike images, even in poor lighting conditions. The STR 80 spotting scope’s reticle, which can be activated and deactivated, allows you to comfortably switch between accurately estimating distances and uninterrupted viewing. It is also perfect for documenting events while digiscoping. The powerful HD optics with fluoride-containing lenses and the reticle with MOA impact point correction make the perfect total package for accurate observation.

There is a new game changing riflescope in town and it is brought to you by Swarovski:

This great bew scope is available in multiple reticles and powers, as well as standard and Illuminated:
Swarovski X5 3.5-18x50
Swarovski X5 5-25x56
Swarovski X5i 3.5-18x50
Swarovski X5i 5-25x56

The right estimate, a smart decision, and a clean shot. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shooting over long distances or honing your shooting skills, you always need to have the right equipment by your side. The X5(i) from SWAROVSKI OPTIK redefines accuracy. Its new spring retention system and turrets are part of the total package promoting accuracy and offering you across the entire adjustment range an accurate impact point adjustment of 1/4 or 1/8 MOA in terms of both elevation and windage (X5/X5i 5-25x56 P), even in the most extreme situations. To help you hit close targets accurately, you can use the SUBZERO function to go below the sight-in distance. Thanks to its outstanding optical performance, this rifle scope is the ultimate expert at long-range shooting.

This high-luminosity rifle scope with a 56 mm objective diameter allows you, thanks to its 25x magnification, to shoot accurately over long distances, even in the poorest light conditions.

Parallax Turret
Light alloy for ring mounting
Easy to read revolution indicator
Up to 116 MOA
1/4 min clicks 20 mins per revolution
New patented spring retention system

This really is Swarovski Season

Please feel free to contact us @ 516-217-1000 or [email protected] with any questions. it is our pleasure to work together with you on these exciting products.
Have an awesome day.
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