I have decided to list my SW 431 PD for sale on Gunbroker or at my LGS, but I thought I’d offer it here and on other forums first before doing so. It’s a great little pistol, but it was a bit of an impulse buy and I don’t see it supplanting my frequent EDC choices.

The revolver appears to have seen very little use…It looked brand new when I purchased it, and I have only put about 50 rounds or so through it just for familiarization. It currently sports very nice Altamont wooden grips, but I could put rubber Hogue grips, older SW wooden grips, or VZ textured G10 grips on it if the buyer prefers.

No box or papers included.

Pistol price is $550 shipped, my FFL to yours. I would prefer PayPal F&F (no notes) but will accept cashiers checks or postal money orders.

p.s. And, because I quickly learned that 32 HR Mag is currently a bit tough to find (although it is listed regularly at Ventura and Buffalo Bore), I will sell at sharp discount to the pistol’s buyer the ammo I’ve amassed so far. I’ve got:

Ventura Munitions SWC 36 Rounds
Buffalo Bore JHP 50 Rounds
Buffalo Bore Hard Cast Keith 36 Rounds
Federal JHP 60 Rounds

Also included at no cost, 64 rounds of Fiocchi 32 SW Long Wadcutters (range ammo) 64 Rounds

So, 183 rounds Mag ammo with a bonus of 64 rounds of SW Long for $135 dollars shipped separately. This offer is only extended to the buyer for now.

NOTE: Priority given to the first buyer who will take the pistol and the ammo as a package.