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Support your gun rights with a decal, T-shirts and more! We donate $1 per sale to NRA

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Here is a small sample of our decals we have available:


Decals start at $3 for a 3" decal and go up one dollar per inch.
T-shirts are $19.95 each.
Our shipping is a flat rate $5. We don't hide our shipping cost in the item cost. Order as much as you want for $5 flat rate shipping.
We normaly ship orders the next day, however if we have alot of orders it may take 3-5 days to process and ship your order.

If you are wanting something custom, contact us. We can make just about anything!
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Save 5% today-tommorow only. Enter "VALENTINE" at checkout at!
We've added new decals!




Carolyn McCarthy

This is our most popular:

Cowboy pissing on obama (2 versions)

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New License Plates
Cowboy Peeing On Gun Control

.50 BMG Club (You can change the text to anything else you want)

The 2nd Amendment Shall Not Be Infringed

Military Tank (Add your own text - like Rank Name ETC)

They are on sale for $18 until 2/26. Remember everything ships for just $5 flat rate!
And of course, if your looking for something custom just let me know.
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Get Zombified!

Click the images to view the product.
Available up to 22" and over 10 colors to choose from!
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It's been requested, and we're finally offering it. Orders of $30 or more ship FREE.
I noticed our images are currently not showing on this thread. Please read our announcement below. We will fix the images showing on here shortly.

Important Update on our website:

Hey Guys,

If you've been to the site in the past few days, you've probaly noticed it's a mess. I wanted to explain what we are doing and what is coming to

First, we are updating the design of the website. We've completely revamped the design and we removed the left hand category menu. Everything will be at the top of the site now more organized instead of all over the place.

Secondly, I've hired a graphics designer. He's an amazing artist who brings alot of ideas to the table and I am glad to be able to work with him. If you have suggestions for decals (especialy gun related) let me know. If it's a good idea, we'll send you a free decal for the suggestion!

Third, alot of people have requested us to offer free shipping. Any order over $30 ships for free. Any order under $30 is a flat rate $5 shipping.

Now, what is coming to
New Decals
New T-shirt Designs
New License Plates
Full color T-shirts and decals + Stickers
Wall decals (think of fat heads for walls)
Kitchen magnents
Vehicle Magnents
Laptop Skins
..and more!

On top of that, we are offering contract printing. If you want to sell our decals in your store, talk to us. We'll give you wholesale pricing on our decals depending on the quantity you want. This also applies to T-shirts, license plates, etc.

And of course, if you are looking to promote your business with stickers, decals, etc, contact us for a price quote on printing out your decals. offers you the chance to choose sizes up to 22" depending on how big you want to go. Most stores only sell one or two sized decals, but we offer you the chance to choose what's right for you. We will be offering decals/stickers up to 54" in the next month or so and will make a announcement.

If we dont have what you are looking for, send me a PM or e-mail me at [email protected] for custom work.

We offer over 10 choices in colors of decals, with full color decals and shirts being a option in the next month or so as well.

We will make an announcement when the new site design is finished so stay tuned...

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