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Super Blackhawk in 500 S&W

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A LGS has a SBH converted to 500 S&W in the used gun section. Looks to be well done. Anyone know who may have done the work? No markings on the barrel other than the caliber?
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Well done, but not well enough to put their name on it.

I suppose it might be marked under the grip panel.

That is a lot of cartridge to consider the possibility it may have been done by a amateur gunsmith. They could be a talented artist, but a poor engineer. I would want the confidence in knowing they had a very thorough understanding of metallurgy.
I know some very good "amateur" gunsmiths! I bought the gun and it's more refined than any standard Ruger production revolver. And oh shoots like a champ!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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