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  1. david simms

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    HI all, recently bought an old 10/22 i believe its 1988 model.
    I want to strip the receiver of the scabby old paint have tried nitromors paint stripper but it wont touch it, does anyone know of anything i can buy in the uk that will work.
  2. GeorgeT

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    There shouldn't be any paint, just blued metal or stainless steel.

  3. Pancho_Villa

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    I am assuming you have a black finished receiver? The receivers on the 10/22s are aluminum and like most aluminum frame guns, the finihs is applied by a electrolosis. It is most likely anodized or bonded to the metal. I am unsure of the finish onthe stainless receiver guns, but it is not stainless steel. It is a coated aluminum part IIRC. So I would assume a similar proces of bonding the finish to the metal is used on it. Could be powder coated too, not sure. But eiher way, it is bonded and hard as hell to get off.

    I have seen both the black & stainless receivers in rough shape. Peeled, scraped up, dented. I have never known of anyone actually stripping one with chemicals. I have seen some sanded clean, Howver, the sanding marks are very visible unless the person worked it down with fine sandpaper.

    I have sone some, but quit trying to get all the finish off. I usually sand with varous grades of wet ro dry till all the scatches are out. Fill any dents with auto body filler and work them down. Prime bare areas. steel wool after degreasing with alcohol. Semi flat black has worked well for me on black receivers and aluminum paint on stainless guns. . The trigger assemblies and barrel bands etc. are a bit harder especially if they have been heavily sanded by a previous owner. Gues enamel would be best. But I use low bucks quick dry stuff. Mostly cause it looks good, but like any other paint, it is easy to samage the surface. The harder enamels are harder to refinish quickly if damaged and the low bucks stuff can usually be steel wooled and painted again quickly with the low bucks spray paints.Some will come right off with alcohol and some elbow grease. A quick refinsih can then be done.

    I have been able to redo the receivers on Marlin & Ruger .22 rifles in this way.

    I am by no means a gunsmith of any kind. Just a weekend gunshow gunhack. Get the clunkers looking good and get tem back out of the table for quck turnover.

    Those are only suggestions that work for me. Use at your own risk.
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  4. Blkhawk73

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    They're aluminum so not blued nor is it stainless. They have one of a few different applied finishes to mimic the usual gun finishes.

    As for the original question... airplane stripper