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I have been receiving some questions about things I will and will not do in regards to work and bad guys:

For starters, Dad will never send me to 'arrest' someone if they have a KNOWN weapon on them. They can use it against me, and Dad and the other officers will be back at square one potentially with me injured or worse. If it is unsure if a person has a weapon on them, I can still be used, but Dad would use his own discretion. After all, the ultimate goal is for both Dad and I to come out unharmed.

We do not participate in water training. While we do have the Lake Erie that goes through town, I will never be used to go after someone that has fled into the water to hide. They can easily drown me. Dad said they will use other methods to get the person out, but I will not be one of them.

Dad firmly believes that while a K9 is a great tool for a department to have, we are not the answer for everything. He says a K9 needs to be used at the right time and in the right situations, and there may be some situations that are not safe for me. After all, Dad loves me and will not do anything to harm me as long as he can help it. But we are the police, we live in a world of unknowns at work. Sometimes we have to overcome our fear and face those unknowns.

I do live with Dad when 'off-duty' and after I retire years down the road, I will continue to live with Dad. According to Mom, I "have her heart" and I constantly like to remind her!

Speaking of off-duty, we are never really off-duty. We are available for call-outs 24 hours a day not only by our own department, but by other area agencies as well. We have been called out in the middle of the night on our day off when we were sleeping before, and it will happen numerous times again throughout my career. It's part of the job of being a K9!

I am a dual-purpose K9 which means I am trained and certified in the area of narcotics detection and patrol. Patrol means things like criminal apprehension, tracking, area and building searches, etc.

We must re-certify every year. I am certified through the State of Ohio and NAPWDA (North American Police Work Dog Association).

My certifications only allow me to work with Dad. I can not work with another officer.

We train every week for a minimum of 4 hours. Sometimes we get to train as part of our work week and sometimes we have to train on our days off on our own time. Us dogs can not remember things as well as humans so we have to constantly train to make sure we stay sharp. Sometimes Mom helps Dad, too, but she refuses to get in a bite suit unless she absolutely has to. Sometimes we train with other area teams, and sometimes it is just us. It really depends on our work schedule.

Law requires very meticulous records of K9 uses at work and training records, so Dad has to constantly keep very good records. It can take up a lot of time.

Some K9s I know do not get to sleep on the bed like me, but Mom and Dad trained me so when the harness is on, I know work means work, but when it is off, I get to be a house pet like my sisters. I still have to listen to them though.

I do have a bullet and stab-proof vest that was bought with donations to our program. While I do have it, I do not wear it all the time like Dad does his. It is too heavy for me. We keep with us wherever we go, and Dad puts it on me in situations where he deems it too risky like building searches or high-risk tracks.

I also have a Chilly Vest, It has these chilled pouches that I wear on really hot days or after an intense training. It cools me down.

I also have a heat alarm in my cruiser. We are a lucky department in that our Chief understands the importance of them and makes sure we have one and that it is always functional. Some departments are not as lucky.

Dad takes breaks every couple hours at work and we go our play spot and play fetch for a bit. He likes to get me out of the car every so often so I can stretch.

I can go into the police station if Dad will be there for prolonged periods of time. Most of the time, he does not. He types a lot of reports in his cruiser. When I do go in to station, I like to roam and see if the dispatchers have any food for me. And there have been a couple times where Dad got a really big case, so he asked Mom to come get me since he will be away from me most of the night.

Mom and Dad do need to watch what they feed me because I need to be able to still do the job. Sometimes too many treats can make by belly big! They do give me treats though. I especially love Greenies. I think Mom would spoil me rotten with treats, but Dad won't let her.

I get along great with other dogs, cats and even children! Some doggies do not, but I do. I love all people, unless they are really mean or trying to do something illegal like hide drugs or run from the police.

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Thats a great write up,
I never really thought about how much is involved in K9 police operations.


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