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    "A trail of Death"
    The following is a list of a number of persons who have died in suspicious circumstances who had connection to the Clintons or the Clinton's dealings. The length and breadth of this list is disconcerting. It is beyond credibility that very many of these cases are coincidences. Forward any errors or inconsistencies as the list has been compiled from multiple sources:

    Name Date Cause Explanation

    Ron Brown's Lawyer 04/96 Murdered
    Drive by shooting, day after Ron Brown's plane crashed.

    Ron Brown 04/96 Plane Crash
    Secretary of Commerce
    Commerce Sec. near indictment who allegedly threatened Clinton with "not going down alone". U.S. said no black box was on this government plane, though Croatian and French TV showed teams pulling one out. Air Force, for the first time ever, canceled the safety investigation of a U.S. government crash on friendly soil.

    34 Passengers 04/96 Plane Crash
    On plane with Brown. A stewardess was rescued several hours after the crash alive. She died in route to hospital from blood loss due to a cut femoral artery sustained in the crash!

    Adm. Borda, Chief of Naval Operations 1996 Suicide
    Allegedly shot himself in chest with handgun, distraught with questions regarding his medals that he had answered a year earlier. He was a combat veteran from Vietnam who received combat ribbons for some activities while there. Others, were reclassified later to combat, after which he began wearing these as well. When questions regarding the latter ribbons arose, he simply said he would not wear the ones in question if there was going to be a big deal made of it. This combat veteran, and our highest ranking naval officer, responsible for a couple of hundred thousand service men, and always a capable officer and soldier; now a year after settling the issue, he shoots himself over it? Others believe that he was eliminated because he refused to transport Chinese, Eurasian and other forces on U.S. Navy transports to U.S. and Canadian shores for semi-permanent "ongoing" training.

    Bill Shelton 06/94 Suicide
    Allegedly shot himself at grave site of fiancee, Kathy Ferguson,who died the month before, also from suicide. Shelton was an Ark. state trooper who had vocally been proclaiming that his fiancee had not committed suicide. Allegedly shot himself behind the left ear.

    Kathy Ferguson 05/94 Suicide
    Ex of Ark. trooper Danny Ferguson, engaged to trooper Bill Shelton. Danny Ferguson allegedly escorted Paula Jones to Clinton's hotel room and Kathy was vocal about her knowledge in the case and was to be a corroborating witness for Paula Jones in her sexual harassment case against Clinton. Allegedly shot herself behind left ear.

    Attorney for Dan Lassater 05/94 Suicide
    Allegedly jumped out of a building to kill himself. He represented Dan Lassiter, a close friend of Bill Clinton, who was indicted on drug charges and sent to prison.

    Ronald Rogers 03/94 Plane Crash
    Ark. dentist for Clintons, killed on way to interview with a "London Sunday Telegraph" reporter to reveal info.

    Hershell Friday 03/94 Plane Crash
    Clinton attorney and fund raiser. Plane blew up.

    Ed Wiley 11/93 Suicide
    Allegedly shot himself in head in Virginia. Real Estate attorney and manager of Clinton presidential campaign finance committee.

    Luther Parks 09/93 Murdered
    Head of Clinton's security team in Little Rock, gunned down in his car outside of Little Rock. Home broken into before his death, dossier on Clinton taken.

    Stanley Heard 09/93 Plane Crash
    Chair of Chiropatric Health Care Advisory Comm. for Clinton who had treated Clinton's mother, stepfather & brother. Killed when airplane crashed after reporting fire on board.

    Steve Dickson 09/93 Plane Crash
    Counsel to Mr. Heard, killed in same crash.

    John Walker ????? Accident
    RTC investigator who fell from balcony of apartment that was also a getaway for Vince Foster.

    Vincent Foster, Counsel 07/93 Suicide
    Alledgedly shot in Ft. Marcy Park. Bullet not found, White House gun used stayed in hand. Initial witness said there was no gun. Close friend of Clintons. Alleged possible affair with Hillary, involved in Inslaw CIA computer cover-up, tracked Clinton finances. Many irregularities in death and its investigation.

    Paul Wilcher 06/93 Murdered
    Wahington attorney, investigating federal corruption, including Mena and BATF assault on Branch Davidians. Shortly before death, gave Janet Reno with a 99 page affadavit. Planned TV documentary. Found dead on toilet before mtg with Danny Casolaro's attorney.

    John Wilson 05/93 Suicide
    Allegedly hung himself. Reportedly part of Whitewater and was ready to talk.

    Sgt. B. Haney
    Sgt. Tim Sabel
    Maj. William Barkley
    Capt. Scott Reynolds
    05/93 Helo Crash
    All four died in crash in the woods near Quantico, VA.
    All had escorted Clinton on flight to the Roosevelt.
    Vidoetape made by firemen at crash site siezed by feds.

    5 Aviators 03/93 Plane Crash
    All five died in a crash when "waved off" from landing on the carrier Roosevelt. All five had escorted Clinton during his visit to the Roosevelt several weeks earlier.

    Gen. Robertson
    Col. Densberger
    Col. Kelly
    Spec. Rhodes
    02/93 Helo Crash
    Deputy Commander, Chief of Ops, Chief of Intel. & crew Chief for V Corps which was prominent in Bosnia-Serb operations, along with the carrier Roosevelt. They were associated with Clinton's visit to the Roosevelt. Helo crashed near Weisbaden Germany.

    Steve Willis 02/93 Waco Assault
    Robert William
    Conway LeBleu
    Todd McKeehan
    Killed in assault on Davidian compound. All transferred from the Secret Service, where they were Clinton guards, Conway LeBleu to BATF prior to the assault. Killed by friendly fire.

    Jim Wilhite 12/92 Skiing Accident
    Vice Chair. of Arkla, Inc. with ties to Clinton & Mack Mclarty, whom he called just hours before his death.

    Paula Grober 12/92 Car Accident
    Speech interpreter for deaf for Bill Clinton. Killed in car accident with no witnesses. Traveled extensively with Clinton from 1978 `til death.

    Paul Tully 09/92 Murdered
    Democratic Nat'l Committee Dir. found dead in hotel.
    "Dear friend" of Clinton and a trusted advisor. Authored key strategies for Clinton and the Democratic party.

    Victor Raiser 07/92 Plane Crash
    Chair. of Mobile Telecomm whose subsidiary is SkyTel.
    A finance co-chair in Clinton organization who soured.
    His plane went down in Alaska on a fishing expedition.

    Monty Raiser 07/92 Plane Crash
    Victor Raiser's son, killed in the same plane crash.

    5 Passengers 07/92 Plane Crash
    Killed while flying with Raiser's on fishing expedition.

    James Bunch ????? Suicide
    Suicide similar to Vince Foster. Texan w/"black book" of influential Texans & Arkansans who visited prostitutes. A rumor persists of potential notes on Bill Clinton.

    Stanley Huggins ????? Murdered
    Partner in Memphis law firm investigatin Madison Guarantee. His 300 page report has never been released.

    Florence Martin ????? Murdered
    Accountant subcontracted to CIA in the Barry Seal case.
    Dead of three gunshot wounds to the head.

    Sue Coleman ????? Suicide
    Had affair with Clinton while attorney general. "Suicide" with gunshot wound to the back of her head. No autopsy, was pregnant.

    Danny Casolaro 08/91 Suicide
    Reporter investigating Whitewater, Mena, BCCI, & ADFA.
    About to receive info linking Iran-Contra to the Inslaw scandal when found in bathtub with wrists slit.

    Kevin Coney 1988-89 Murdered
    Gregory Collins
    Keith McKaskle
    Jeff Rhodes
    Richard Winters
    Jordan Ketelson
    Six Ark. people who came forward with info about the death of 2 teens near the Mena operations. All killed before testifying. Stabbed, shotgunned or burned.Local detective, John Brown, reportedly solved the case and gave findings to FBI which sat on them. According to Brown, "We now who killed these kids. The reason this case has been stopped ... is because it tracks to Bill Clinton being involved in the cover-up".

    Kevin Ives 08/87 Murdered
    Don Henry
    Two Bryant, Ark teens who saw too much of the Mena air drops. Found on train tracks. Initial report said they fell asleep and was made by a state coroner appointed by Bill Clinton. Parents protested and after months, had the boys exhumed and re-examined. Cause of death then changed to murder, the boys having been stabbed and skulls crushed before the train arrived.
    Officials in the Administration who have died in the first four years :
    Secretary of Commerce
    Deputy White House Counsel
    Chief of Naval Operations

    Of these 89 deaths the causes break out as follows :

    Deaths Cause Incidents
    59 Plane Crashes 12
    13 Murders 13
    10 Suicides 10
    04 Waco Assault 01
    03 Accidents 03

    If you work with Clinton and deal with any of his scandals, or if you attempt to investigate them or accidently come across them, you will likely die in a plane crash, a murder or suicide.


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    80+ Near Waco in the Assault on the Branch Davidian Compound.
    170+ In Oklahoma City where tech. and eye witness do not match government story of bomb.
    1100+ In Chicago and surrounding area from a supposed 2 day "heat" wave.
    120+ In Value Jet crash where Chuck Hays, a CIA operative w/info on Foster was supposed to fly.
    270+ In TWA crash. Eye witness accounts (incl. Air Nat'l Guard Pilot) don't match fed's story.

    With the 90 above, this totals over 1830 individuals !!!

    (The Value jet and TWA disasters are ominous when you consider the other plane crashes that have killed Clinton associates, potential threats or enemies. Who was on that TWA aircraft?)

    Add one more to the list that just happened!!

    Washington DC’s up-and-coming Bloomingdale neighborhood remains gripped by fear three week after the murder there of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich — with still no reported leads, suspects or arrests in the killing.

    At the same time, conspiracy theories surrounding the murder have reached a new frenzy, especially after the hacking of DNC e-mails led to the resignation of its chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

    Rich was beaten, shot and killed early on the morning of July 8 while he was walking home and talking on the phone to his girlfriend. Police have said they haven’t determined if his murder was a botched robbery or something else. The killer or killers appear to have taken nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone.

    ... and these are only the ones we know about !!!

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    You just cant make this stuff up.....

    Call it conspiracy theory, coincidence or just bad luck, but any time someone is in a position to bring down Hillary Clinton they wind up dead. In fact, as we noted previously, there’s a long history of Clinton-related body counts, with scores of people dying under mysterious circumstances. While Vince Foster remains the most infamous, the body count is starting to build ominously this election cycle - from the mysterious "crushing his own throat" death of a UN official to the latest death of an attorney who served the DNC with a fraud suit.

    As GatewayPundit's Jim Hoft reports, on July 3, 2016, Shawn Lucas and filmmaker Ricardo Villaba served the DNC Services Corp. and Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz at DNC’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., in the fraud class action suit against the Democrat Party on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters (this was before Wikileaks released documents proving the DNC was working against the Sanders campaign during the 2016 primary).

    Shawn Lucas was thrilled about serving the papers to the DNC before Independence Day...

    According to Snopes Lucas was found dead on his bathroom floor.

    We contacted Lucas’ employer on 4 August 2016 to ask whether there was any truth to the rumor.

    According to an individual with whom we spoke at that company, Shawn Lucas died on 2 August 2016. The audibly and understandably shaken employee stated that interest in the circumstances of Lucas’ death had prompted a number of phone calls and other queries, but the company had not yet ascertained any details about Lucas’ cause of death and were unable to confirm anything more than the fact he had passed away.

    An unconfirmed report holds that Lucas was found lying on the bathroom floor by his girlfriend when she returned home on the evening of 2 August 2016. Paramedics responding to her 911 call found no signs of life.

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    Hillary supposedly ahead in the polls now. She will become president if she has to get the suspicious dead to somehow vote for her. I think people should stand outside their local grocery stores and take a poll of who the people really would choose. I would be surprised if killery got 20% of the poll numbers.
    If it wasn't the mass media bought and paid campaigning, and fudging the numbers for her she would be toast. Funny how she is supposedly for the working class but those $100,000 a plate speaking/dinners with the 1% attending doesn't look like it. No poh folk dining there I bet.
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    I, personally, have not met anyone, or do I know anyone, that's can stand her, and would vote for a rattlesnake (not much difference) before voting for her.....

    but....I live in KY not NY or CA.

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    The news media is already practically predicting a land slide victory in her favor. Landslide voter corruption maybe what they should say.
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    Has anyone besides me noticed most all pictures of Hillary taken and shown recently have her looking 30 years younger than she is? Seems the photos are being air brushed before being shown. All the angles are being played to get her elected. Most of the recent pictures don't show her wrinkled up old age. Interesting how they even have shown pictures of her in her bathing suit from 40 years ago. Like what was the reasoning in doing that? Perhaps to get people to not envisioning her as an old woman?
    The news showed Hillary with 50% of the vote with Trump at 42%. Geeze those poll machines must need some repair because they have to be malfunctioning.
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    Unfortunately I do. But then I do live in CA so probably shouldn't be surprised. I have a hard time even grasping how these people can think she's ok.
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    ^^ all I can say is those people do not have a lick of common sense amongst them all put together or they only hear mass media propaganda. 1+1 in real life doesn't = 11 as mass media wants people to believe.
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    Want to know why Hitlery had to put Kanie on as VP....

    In January 2009, Kaine became the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee"

    This is what most pass right by with out thinking about it.
    He was the predecessor to Debbie Wasserman Shultz. He was asked to step aside so that the more ruthless person could run Hitlerys campaign from inside the DNC as a spy for Hitlery, and Wasserman had promised the Democratic nomination to HRC.

    In return for Kaine stepping down from the DNC chair he was promised the VP slot when Hillary won the nomination.

    This was all discovered from the WikiLeaks E-mail purge from the DNC.

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    Hillary just admitted she used her personal email and that was a mistake she will be sure not to do again. In other words by her own admission she did it. So no matter what she disclosed in her emails it doesn't matter because just her doing it was a felony wasn't it? Again she is out right saying stop me if you can. HA HA!
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    The latest rumor is that what we are seeing is a robot clone of Hillary which is why the face has a smoother plastic silicone look and why the problem maneuvering up the stairs. Also explains the blank black eye stare and then seizure like episodes which was actually a glitch in the PC of the robot.
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    Wikileaks is supposed to release more infomation in October and supposedly a lot of it pertains to Hildebeast. I don't know if that will do any good because I don't see Lame Brain nor Loretta Lynch doing anything about it. The Clintons have always been above the law and always will be. They have gotten away with so much stuff, dirty dealings, donations, money in coffers for exchange privileges and a host of much more. Nixon did far less and he had to step down. General Petrayus had to step down for his misgivings and yet Hildebeast keeps on lying and the media keeps backing her up. My greatest fear right now, is if she becomes president, the SCOTUS will become so far to the left that they will beckon to her wishes and wants and we are going to loose a lot of the laws we have now. Thomas Jefferson warned us about this over 200 yrs. ago and now his predictions have come to fruition.

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    Yep Tommy you are right in that what's happening right now is total grounds for why the 2nd was included in the Constitution. Anybody notice what happened when Trump referred to the 2nd being used by Americans if he wasn't elected? His making that statement is exactly why his being elected scars the crap out of many politicians. Trump speaks of things that are not considered politically correct to even utter in public covered events.
    In my observation speaking politically correct is the same as outright covering the truth.
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