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    Post Islamic Stress Trauma with Apologetic Whitehouse Fatigue

    I am sorry that I have not been as responsive as I should be, but I
    have been somewhat under the weather since my doctors informed me that
    I have an acute case of Post Islamic Stress Trauma with Apologetic
    Whitehouse Fatigue (PIST-AWF ).

    For those of you who do not know what that is; PIST-AWF is a newly
    defined disease that is found to be widespread and highly contagious.
    January, 2015 - Doctors at the CDC released a statement disclosing a
    new disease that has already infected over half of the United States
    and is anticipated to continue to spread. The disease itself affects
    the cells of a person's entire body then goes dormant. The disease
    ravages the body and leaves serious side effects. These side effects
    have been labeled as PIST-AWF.

    Symptoms include:

    * Severe pain of the scalp from pulling your own hair while viewing
    your Government pander to Muslim terrorists.

    * Uncontrollable heartburn every evening during the O'Reilly factor.

    * Loose bowels from swallowing the fact that another Clinton could be
    elected president.-

    * Extreme hunger due to vomiting from nightly seeing terrorists
    murdering innocent people.

    * Bleeding from the eyes. This is not Ebola. It is your eyes reacting
    to accidentally flipping to a channel that shows Al Sharpton as a
    legitimate news show host and the possibility of him being the next
    Secretary of State

    Since the disease consumes the entire body, every infected person is
    then identified as the disease itself. If you feel you have Post
    Islamic Stress Trauma with Apologetic Whitehouse Fatigue please notify your
    local election board and place your name on the list for a cure. It is
    expected, and sincerely hoped that the cure will be available in
    November of 2016.
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    I like it ^^^^:D

    Too bad its truth..