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  1. Blkhawk73

    Blkhawk73 Member

    Just wanna get an idea for what ppl prefer for stocks. Wood or synthetic? Traditional style, tactical, target, bench,etc?)

    Gotta get discussion going somehow. :)
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  2. Blaze

    Blaze New Member Lifetime Supporter

    I really like laminate and tactical ......

  3. phideaux

    phideaux Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    I like laminate.
    I like wood.


  4. Pancho_Villa

    Pancho_Villa Well-Known Member

    Have a couple with wood laminate stocks, but don't want to scratch them. Like the way wood or laminate stocks look, but I put a couple of Butler Creek folders on mine. Kinda old school, but I don't care for the newer ones with the AR type collapsible stocks.

  5. jigs-n-fixture

    jigs-n-fixture New Member

    I change stocks depending on what I'm going to do, and who is shooting. I think I own eight stocks for two guns.

    I have three factory wood stocks that have been cut down to decrease the length of pull. I would set it up for my daughter starting when she was seven, so there is one cut down to an 8-inch lop, one at 10-inches, and one at about 11-inches.

    I have a stock carbine stock, and two of the factory walnut rifle stocks, one of them has the length of pull extended to match my center fire rifles.

    There is an adjustable wooden target stock in maple.

    And, two synthetic stocks, one is the old Butler Creek that dismounts the barrel to collapse the rifle.
  6. ISDgeek

    ISDgeek New Member

    I used the wood stock on my 10/22 as a woodworking project. I wanted to re-stain and re-finish it, and if I messed it up I could just replace it. It wasn't that hard and it was a lot of fun. I stripped the original finish and stain, used a combination of two different stains used for coloring guitar wood, and then finished it to a high gloss. I like it this way and plan on leaving it forever. This is a gun that I plan on handing down to my son, so it has a little piece of me in it.

    I'll try to get a decent pic of it up here soon.
  7. 486

    486 New Member

    Archangel Deluxe Target model. It has a lifetime warranty comes with adjustable length of pull, an extended mag release and a synthetic bolt buffer.
  8. 486

    486 New Member

    The Archangel stock is supposed to be a drop in fit. I haven't found that to be 100% true. I had to do some sanding to get the receiver and barrel to drop in and still it isn't fitting like I think it should. The barrel is pushing tight to the left side of the supposed free floating stock. I tried more sanding to no prevail. I contacted Archangel for tech help. They said to try and sand some more. I did what they said and it still didn't help. They said they would replace the stock, but with a possible two week turn around. I'm not real happy with such a long turn around. I like the feel of the stock and the fact that it's ambidextrous. It also came with a bolt buffer and a extended mag release, and a V block.
    I'm going to shoot it this weekend to see how it works with my modifications and then send it back.
    Hopefully the new stock will be a true drop in and I'll report back on the fit. The nice thing is that this stock has a lifetime warranty!
    I'm going to keep sending it back till they get it right or refund my money.
    I'll keep it posted for anyone interested.
    Take a deep breathe and squeeze as you exhale. :)
  9. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member

    I like the tacticools. I have a blackhawk axiom, a few tapco intrafuse, and I just bought a camo TacStar that I am loking forward to getting to the range soon.

    Maybe if I'm lucky I'll win tomorrow and get to try out an archangel too :D

    I like the tacticool stocks for a couple reasons. One I like a protruding pistol grip over a traditional rifle setup. Two, I like a collapsible stock so that I can shoot them comfortably, and so can my wife and kids.
  10. jimmyp

    jimmyp New Member

    I really love beautiful walnut stocks, but I haven't found a reasonably priced one as an aftermarket add on. So my laminate will have to do....which is beautiful in its own right!
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  11. jstanfield103

    jstanfield103 Member

    I have two and prefer the target or bench style. I have both wood and synthetic stock. I like them both.
  12. gwpercle

    gwpercle Member

    Wood, real wood like walnut. Mine came with the walnut carbine stock, it's nice, would like a sporter stock in walnut but would Really-Really like a international mannlicher in walnut. Maybe for Christmas, I been very good so far, who knows. Going to browse over at ebay and see whats for sale.
    No laminate...that's just a polite word for plywood and "plywood/laminate" stocks look like five miles of bad road when stained and finished.
    Life's too short for ugly gun stocks.
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