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Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by rrawhide, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. rrawhide

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    I have a Ruger LC9 with laser and have a sticky holster. This is the most comfortable holster i have ever had. Please check out and watch their video. Of course, i was skeptical but decided to try it. I am so very pleased and it fits several guns that i have. No clips - belts - springs - hooks - put it on and it stays put!!!!! And, the price of $25 is great.

  2. Thunder71

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    I've had the Remora and Sticky, very familiar with them. They have their place I guess. For me, it's not in public. We're carrying loaded guns not digital cameras. There are plenty of options out there that are far better. All it takes is one time for it to work loose and slide down your pant leg, gun may or may not stay in the holster. Now you have a gun laying on the floor in the soup isle with 8 people staring at it, all for what?

    As a responsible gun owner I don't see this as a valid option past my own property.

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  3. jrc

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    I carry a PF9 in a Remora regularly and have no issues at all. Appendix carry... may move slightly when I sit at a desk but outside of that stays put nicely.

    No first hand knowledge of sticky's.
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  4. JimA

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    I think that would be nearly impossible unless you wore "gangsta" pants without a belt. I have hiked and run with them and they have never moved. I wear belt holsters most of the time,but have no doubt that a Sticky or Remora are perfectly adequate for wear anywhere. The only drawback that I can see is reholstering quickly, and that is only an issue if you are taking a class.
  5. mag318

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    I decided to give these a try and just ordered a couple. As posted above the only problem with any soft IWB holster is reholstering, so you have to pull the holster as shown in the video. That said these are suppose to be remarkably comfortable.
  6. colin1230

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    I really like the Remora for my G26, especially when getting in and out of the car. Prefer it when needing a public restroom also. But, it is not as comfortable for all day wear as my White Hat Max Tuck. I just plan ahead and dress around my EDC. I have never had a retention problem with the Remora. Good holster at a good price.