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    Any body having trouble with steel cased ammo??:confused: Had a shell freeze up in the chamber after 29 rounds of wolf steel cased .308Win..:( Got it knocked out after getting back to the house. Can't see any issues with the chamber, and I cycled 4 rounds through the scout without firing( I live in town) with no problems.. I won't get a chance to hit the range again til next month..
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    My buddy just bought a rem700 in .308 about a month ago. Hes been shooting wolf steel ammo basically since he got it. We went shooting last Sunday and he had a round that hit the primer, bullet got stuck about 2 inches into the rifiling and the case was stuck in the chamber. Took us 15 minutes to get the bolt open and 10 minutes to get the bullet out. There was powder everywhere and he said he will never fire steel through that firearm again. Its happened to his sks also with wolf ammo.

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    Steel cased ammo is not as "springy" as brass. When fired a brass case expands, seals the chamber untill the pressure drops to a safe level then springs back to a bit smaller size so it can be extracted. Steel cases tend to grip the chamber walls and not spring- back as much as the brass. Generally the steel springs back enough but ocassionally they stick....bring a rod when shooting steel cased ammo. Especially when shooting it in a semi-auto. they don't have the extraction power as with a bolt gun...they can stick in a bolt also.
    I have torn the rim off a steel case with a bolt. Had to get the rod out for it too.

    As far as the bullet sticking in the wasn't the steel case factor...sounds like the powder didn't ignite. The primer did, forcing the bullet out the case but not enough force to exit the barrel. Possibly a little powder ignited but not enough....bring a rod when shooting this brand of ammo.

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