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    I have just loaded 100 rounds of new Starline brass and I am somewhat satisfied however they have some discrepancies aside from their advertising.
    The brass is new as I stated, however some tend to be a little longer and the mouth of the casing is not as close in sizing as advertised. When it comes to bell mouthing the brass you will notice that they are a little harder in the feel using my Herter's single stage reloader. In this circumstance I used Remington primers (which are terribly packed), 4.5 grns of Bullseye and had a COAL of 1.253-1.260. I sure state that I am loading .45 ACP. Prices will vary depending on the vendor you choose from .16 cents to .22 cents per round. I rarely buy new brass for reloading as all of my shooting is at the range or plinking. Depending from where you buy the brass, one vender states you may have to resize the brass before you prime and load. This is silly as they are suppose to be new and I expect to just mushroom (resize the mouth) the brass and then prime and load. One other thing is if you use a sizing gauge you will see some differences in the head space (approx. 1/4") from the top of the head that will not allow the bullet to properly seat all the way in your gauge. Another notation is that the discoloration is due to annealing so if you want to have your ammo look like new rounds, they have to be tumbled. Just passing this info on to others so they may have a better understanding of the Starline brass.

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    Tommy, I have had to size and trim new brass before. I have no idea why they would not make it to the desired size to start with. I could understand it in 45 Colt were older guns may require 454 bullets instead of the newer 452.

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    All new brass should be trimmed to a standard length just to ensure consistency , this just needs to be done once. The maker could final trim it but thats another step and cost more.
    Then because brass gets knocked around during manufacturing , packaging , shipping and distribution...the case mouths may be dinged or out of should all be run through the sizer.
    The annealing color is left on to prove it's been annealed , it hurts nothing.

    This applies to all new brass regardless of who makes it ..... trim and size it , Starline is not substandard .
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    I have to agree with you however I would think with today's computor innovations that brass should be the same length as indicated within at least .10. The brass people are like the rest of the big companies, they are looking at their bottom line instead of putting out a quality product. If brass needs to be trimmed prior to loading, I might as well pick up range brass and shoot it (which I do). It doesn't bother me on .45 cal but I have seen NEW bottleneck rifle casings that are new and they need to be trimmed. NOT right!!!

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    Never sized or trimmed a new piece of brass in my life!