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    So... I suck at shooting pistols. My P220 is THE only handgun I would/do use. But I can shoot a rifle without sights and produce groups that make me smile. Any rifle. It's just kind of a thing. However, I did consume every bit of info I could find finishing with, "The Art of the Rifle". Cooper's writing is my cup of tea and it completely fixed whatever it was I was doing wrong.

    What I was doing was trying to copy everyone in their isosceles and force it into my use. My dumbass never bothered with reading up on shooting techniques for handguns. Then I did. And now I think I've identified the problem areas I had. Mainly, I had no opposing force on my grip and didn't appreciate the difference a sight picture makes when it's only a millimeter off on a short barrel.

    For me it's a modified Weaver-ish. Basically I'm cheek welding to my arm instead of a rifle stock and it works great. The offset from target square is something that goes back to learning how to snowboard at 12 years old. It is how I learned to balance and maintain speed. "Balance" being the operative word there. Once I tied the foot positioning to my board bindings it all came together.

    Just a few more trips to the range and I might go ahead and declare that I've corrected my pistol shooting errors.

    I love hearing how folks ended up where they are. My main focus on starting this thread is to get some idea on how folks choose the pistol stance that they use.
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    I didn't know it but the clerk at the indoor shooting range was watching me through the window and he came over and said "Did you notice when you put your right leg to the back that your groups tighten up?" I said you are right, so I have been doing that ever since--so someone choose my pistol stance for me.