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SRuger pics

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A few old ones and some new ones. All are still pretty much likenew. Love them Rugers. Load them hot. Well, not so much anymore.:D

Recently aquired Ruger Bisley .44 mag. 7.5" blue, adjusable sights. Kinda came by surprise. Buddy had to sell it for his son. got it for 250 in like now shape. shot it a little. Another knuckle buster like my old Super Blk Hk.

Pre-warning Ruger M77 rifle in .270 on top. Got it in 1976 with the SBH in a pic below. It has some mileage on it. Below it is a Winchester Model 70 in 7mm-08 cal. Both have 3X9X32s on them. Don't use them much now. Started using poly stocked rifles to keep from scratchinghe walnut ones.

Ruger Police Service Six in .357 Mag. I got this to replace a Speed Six I used around the rancho while mending fences. Backup to a carbine in the brush. Blue,six shot, DA, fixed sightss, Houge grip.

The old Super Black Hawk .44 Mag. First handgun I bought when I was old enough to buy a handgun. That was 1976. It was used and like new. Still is. Fired and used it alot at first as a rifle backup.

Ruger Black Hawk 4.5" in .41 Mag. Got this one in 1977 to carry as a backup to a hunintin rifle. Found my old Super BlK. too long and heavy. Alloy frame and ejecotor rod housing. Lighter cylinder with flutes and shorter barrel made it easier to pack. Plenty of power too. There were no short .44 mags back then unless Ruger or a custom smith gut a .44 down.

Ruger Single Six "Liberty" model 6.5" barrerel, blue, adjusable sighs. Recently got it to replace one of 2 I had to sell some time back. Idiot that had it lost the magnum cylinder, so I only gave 150 for it.

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