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    An M&P M2.0 compact pistol and a Ruger9 PC Carbine have been my home protector weapons until last week when I replaced the compact pistol with a full size SR9. I chose this early Ruger design over the newer Security and RAP as the SR9 shares the same magazine with the carbine.

    This is not a technical review but simply my impressions of the SR9 after a first range session.

    I made one component replacement before shooting the SR9 for the first time. I replaced the front sight with a HiViz fiber optic sight. I am a front sight shooter and my eyesight acuity has diminished with age. A fiber optic is much easier for me to focus upon than an iron sight. I also blacked out the white dots on the rear sight obviating any negative influence on my focus.

    My first range session with the SR09 was a positive experience from the standpoint of gun handling, mechanical operation and accuracy. Therefore, I do not intend to make any other changes to the stock pistol.

    During my familiarization shooting session, I used 17-round magazines and loaded three kinds of ammunition; 200 rounds of S&B 124gr FMJ, 100 rounds of Fiocchi 115gr JHP and 51 rounds of Federal 124gr HST. The SR9 handled all without the pistol suffering a single failure.

    When shooting, I stood in an icicles stance. The grip was quite comfortable pulling the pistol easily from a DeSantis E-GAT Slide holster. Pistol balance was excellent allowing for smooth and manageable recovery after recoil. This was especially evident when I was quickly able realign to target doing double taps. At all times doing slow or rapid fire, I found the trigger to be acceptable.

    The SR9 accuracy is good. My hit patterns on targets placed from seven to fifteen yards was tighter than I make using smaller frame pistols. I attribute this to the SR9 having a longer sight radius than my smaller frame pistols.

    Attached 7 yard rapid fire target

    The SR9 has two noticeable features different from my other pistols; a visibly loaded chamber indicator and a magazine disconnector. Neither feature interfered with my handling of the pistol.

    After spending hours at the range pulling the pistol from holster, shooting and then replacing the pistol in the holster, I know that the SR9 loaded with a 17-round magazine would be too fatiguing for me to carry as my EDC. It would simply be too heavy on my hip for a days-long period of time. But, for the purpose I purchased this pistol (a home protector), its performance at the range and my easy handling of it validated the SR9 as a good choice.

    I paid GRABAGUN $311 for the SR9. It is a fine pistol at a modest price and it fully meets my reason in choosing it.

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    Not impressed!
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    I consider succinct commentary to identify command of a subject.

    paulruger, you meet that criteria.

    Time will tell if the SR9 indeed meets my initial observations.
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    I'll hold off on adding the SR9 to my cache. I will continue to rely on my Ruger revolvers for home defense and heavy carry weapons. I carry a SP101 loaded with 38 Hornady Critical Defense. I am still looking for a reliable light weight pistol for summer shorts weather. My LC9s has proven to be unreliable and the LCP II is just too small in size and caliber for my liking.
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    I haven't shot an SR9 but I have had one in hand. I liked the feel of it and it felt fairly light in hand. The guy that owns it says it is a tack driver and has not had any problems with it. I haven't really heard any negative reviews of the SR9.
    Last I checked they were around $400 which is a good price for a quality semi auto. $311 is a really good price.
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    I have never been able to come to like the SR series of handguns because of what is a serious safety flaw. The magazine disconnect. USPSA issues a command to show clear, lower hammer. With the Ruger SR series, or any handgun with a magazine disconnect , you must reinsert the magazine to make this happen. Not good. Here is the rule for those unfamiliar. states, self-loaders-release the slide and pull the trigger (without touching the hammer or decocker, if any.)

    The rule is to ensure a empty chamber and an inert hammer or striker. I think that any manufacturer that produces a handgun with a magazine disconnect should be required to provide a "New Jersey magazine" , like the one Ruger provides with the LC9, with every magazine disconnect firearm sold.
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    My son has the SR9 full size, and he really likes it and shoots it well. He does not carry, but keeps it for home defense....all those rounds it holds gets heavy.
  8. RL Johnson

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    In the latest issue of NRA’s magazine CDNN Sports has the SR9 and the American compact for less than $300. I love my SR9 especially the stainless steel slide. I killed a large sow that I drove up on last week. Hornady make great hollow points.
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    Wow ! __ you can never underestimate the 9mm cartridge. After I did some math and it showed I was losing next to nothing going from my .357 magnum LCR to my EC9s I became a fan of the 9mm. And what a pleasure to shoot, I went from close to 3x less recoil and in a gun that carries even better in my front pocket.

    And do I dare say as cheap as .17 cents a round for good ball ammo.
    Why should I punish myself when there really is no need to.
    And after I saw this video I knew it was time to make the switch.

    If your primary concern is self-defense against two legged critters the 9mm will serve well and it's a proud tradition since 1902. (design in 1901)

    Now if they made a 9mm shotgun that had some spread to it I'd be in hog heaven.
    However I think I may have stumbled onto something with the .410 bore coming out of a longer barrel then say the S&W Governor or the Taurus Judge. __ stay tuned.


    The name for the 9mm Parabellum is derived from the Latin adage, Si vis pacem para bellum = If you seek peace prepare for war
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    Well now the SR series has been discontinued, Ruger is making nothing I like. I am a stainless steel fan which is why my SR9 has a stainless slide. Their semi autos are all now black. So my next pistol is either the Walther ppk/s stainless or the CZ 75B in stainless. Why can’t Ruger make something other than revolvers in stainless. In the mean time I will keep shooting my SR9.
    Oh by the way it is very easy to remove the magazine disconnect if it really bothers you.
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    Geeez! I can't figure out WHY either. :confused:

  12. RL Johnson

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    I have a Mark III but I was looking for a 9 mm or a 380 auto. Oh well will keep hoping and looking.