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Sr40 disappointment...

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Been a ruger fan since I was a kid. I'm a big fan of target triggers and tight tolerances. (i know there's no place for that on a platform like this) My last tactical pistol was a p89. Loved it.

Found an Sr40 the other day and ran a box of 165gr through it. Off a bench, it was not too bad, I guess...but shooting off hand was not so good. Sure, part of it is me, but the trigger on this thing is not what I'm used to.

I like my triggers to be in the 4-5#range for a gun like this. I also don't like much initial travel. I don't care about over travel or reset distance because that just impedes follow-up shots. My initial accuracy was really affected by the combination of the long travel + 7.5#trigger.

I'm going to try the ghost trigger kit and see if it helps, but I may be in the market for a p91 / 944 soon if this doesn't work out.

I think I could deal with the weight of the trigger if it just didn't take so daggum long to break.

Any experiences like this for you guys?

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I've got the SR40c and I'm not too crazy about the trigger either.I've never seen a gun with that much travel.
my SR 40 has a very good trigger. i shoot it as accurately as any weapon i have ever owned. the trigger is completely stock, smooth as a babys butt and breaks clean and crisp. to get my SR9 the same way required a little work but was well worth the effort. the SR45 took a little effort and a little break in time but is now very good as well. these weapons just plain work. it took me only a very short time to get used to the trigger on this series pistol. the ergonomics and accuracy combined with the durability make them a good value in my opinion. i use these three over weapons i own that cost twice as much. clearly my favorite series from any manufacturer.
I have been very pleased with the SR40C.....maybe I have just got use to the trigger on it.....
My Ghost trigger transfer bar thing'a'ma'jig came in today. Installed it in 5-10 minutes. Much, much better.

This is the way the gun should have rolled off the line. It has a slightly shorter pull now. Less over-travel. The pull is down from 7.5-8# to 4.5-5#. Perfect for a tactical defense pistol in my opinion.

Not scary easy that you might accidentally discharge, but light enough to help out with accuracy.

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