SR22 with Stinger ammo

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  1. rrawhide

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    Daughter started shooting today and loved the SR22. She shot 22 - 380 - and 9mm. Wanted something small so she also shot the Chief's Special 38 and hated it.

    Guess she likes the 22 and 380.

    Thoughts about SR22 with Stinger Ammo for a defense load please?
  2. phideaux

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    My thoughts...everybody has their own.

    If I absolutely had no other choice, I would take the .22. I have a SR22 and love it, great range fun gun, kids love it. Will it kill ? Sure.
    Would you use it to hunt 70 lb Coyote, or even a 150-200 lb deer?

    I personally want a round that will stop ,in his tracks, a BG ,whom ,if high on sumpin, may not even feel the .22 for a while.
    IF you have time in a defensive situation, SD or HD, to place a .22 perfectly, it still doesnt have that energy to STOP a big ole BG in his tracks.
    Some situations, it MAY scare the BG off, but may not. I dont want to take that chance ,when protecting myself , and especially my family.

    I CCW a Bulldog .44 spcl with Hornady SD ammo, and seriuosly looking at moving to .45 acp.

    I know stingers are high velocity, but look at the ballistics....not enough energy for me.

    You sir, now have my thoughts.;):)


  3. OldTexan

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    Just my opinion.....Starting shooting is just what it is, starting something new. A few range visits and a couple lessons from a qualified instructor are far from putting a weapon in a person's possession for self defense.

    Unless the person is committed to and accepts the seriousness of what pulling that loaded gun out to face an attacker means, they are not ready.

    Let the girl work some more and get used to how to properly handle various firearms before making a critical, possible life/death decision. I'm far more of the "teach 'em how to avoid and escape bad situations", than to have 'em hang around and fire at the BG's with a small caliber gun. It's a false sense of security in most cases.

    I'd have no issue with a 22 Stinger as self defense for myself and a 22 is often what I carry with me, but I also know that shot placement and taking dead aim are of high importance.
  4. OldTexan

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    I read a similar article about an incident in AK where an indian woman killed a griz that had stuck it's head through a cabin window. She shot him in the nose and the 22 bullet followed the nasal passage into the bear's brain.......Apparently the spirits guide these women for perfect shot placement.
  5. weblance

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    We used a 22 LR pistol to drop 2,000lb bulls at the slaughterhouse I worked at as a kid. Worked on the first shot. There is a dramatic difference between shooting an animal in the perfect spot, while it stands there, and shooting at someone who is shooting back at you, with a large caliber weapon, and is very determined to kill you. If a 22 is all she will practice with, and carry, then the Stinger is probably a good choice, as are Velocitors, Mini-Mags, and the Remington Hyper-V rounds.

    Can I add a suggestion? Find a matching pair of pistols that are chambered in 22 LR and a larger centerfire cartridge. There are many such sets. One that comes to mind is the Bersa Thunder series. They are low cost and reliable pistols. She can practice with the 22 and then carry the centerfire. If she likes a revolver, Ruger LCR in 22 and 38 or Smith J frame in 22 and 38. Its a good solution.
  6. gwpercle

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    Shooting accurately and hitting with a 22 beats missing with a 44 magnum.

    She's just starting , go slow...she will advance when she's ready and if not, a 22 with Stingers is a whole lot better than finger nails. Just keep her shooting , that's what's important.

  7. gunny1

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    I second your opinion OldTexan. Well said. :metal2:
  8. Misty1946

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    I carry my 22 and if I had to use it I would It's not the size that matters but knowing how to use what you have, I own several other hand guns but carry this baby 22 mag, if any doubts it works let me shoot you if that don't stop you I'll give you my gun lol. Just my openion
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  9. hombre243

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    I am no expert but I agree

    The commercial I saw about a UD Seal Diver shows the man recitinig the credo...and one line is never shoot a large caliber man with a small caliber bullet. AMEN!
  10. bonefamily

    bonefamily New Member

    Just a question - I thought I read that some SR22's have trouble cycling with Stingers due to the length of the Stinger being slightly longer than other .22lr cartridges... no?
  11. threetango

    threetango Special Dance Instructor


    Here's my take.

    To achieve higher velocities, they use a longer case and smaller bullet. The overall cartridge stays the same as a regular .22LR cartridge.
  12. Redleg

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    The first rule of a gunfight is to bring a gun. .22LR is a lot better than nothing.

    If I were going to use .22 as a self-defense round I would want to use either .22WMR or Stingers, if feasible. But ordinary .22LR is certainly a lethal round if shot competently.
  13. bonefamily

    bonefamily New Member

    Thanks for the info, threetango. Hmmm, maybe it was the ejection part I read about troubles with seeing how the casing is a bit longer...??