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    Hello SR22 owns. I've had mine for about 3 mos. and love it. I noticed something while doing my last cleaning. Occasionally when cleaning my guns, I will insert a spent casing into the chamber and dry fire. I do this to test function and observe the firing pin imprint on the casing to see if there is any difference from earlier hits.
    This was my first time doing this with the SR22 and was surprised to find that the casing did not fit all the way into the chamber. Only going in about 3/4 the way. This was true of every casing I tried, regardless of brand.
    I also have a S&W M&P22 that I check this way on occasion and the casings slide right in.
    If you have a SR22 can you check to see if spent casings slide all the way into the chamber. Is there a problem with my gun?
    Responses appreciated
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    Why not just go to a safe place and chamber an actual round? Spent casings can expand, etc. which would cause the scenario you describe. Sorry I don't have any spent casings or I'd try it as you ask.