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    At the range last night, I had the slide and spring fly off of my SR22. I reassembled it, thinking maybe I didn't close the take down lever. After a few more rounds happened again....(Actually my wife was doing the shooting) I put it back together again, this time I wiped and cleaned it and made sure the take down lever was snapped firmly . I fired a magazine and it was wife then fired another problems....but on the next magazine, the slide and spring flew off i'm pissed......I got home , took it apart...cleaned it ....the take down lever looked fine. What I'm wondering if slide oil might have caused this problem? I did check the internet and saw that there were some problems with the take down levers.....anyone have any suggestions to fix this problem?
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    First...welcome to RT forum and it would get you off to a better start here going to the introduction thread telling a bit about yourself and guns you own.
    As far as the gun goes I would be calling Ruger customer service because there is something not locking in place for the slide and spring to fly off. I wouldn't even shoot the gun till the problem is found. How old is the gun? I would take down the gun and check the locking points that the lever locks onto. Ruger has excellent warranty repair and usually not a dime out of your pocket. Often the turn around time is about a week. Give them a call and they will most likely send you a prepaid shipping label to send it in.

    I believe there was a problem with the locking lever breaking on the earlier SR22 guns.
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    Yep, a call to Ruger CS is in order. They'll take care of ya.

    Welcome to the forum, btw :welcome:
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    Thanks.....I've been kinda upset about this wife and I are both retired....we do date night at the gun range on fridays a couple times a month.....I was new to pistols....I started with a Heritage 22/22mag revolver....the another heritage 22/22mag 9 the Ruger SR22....(My wife has mostly taken over all these pistols)...then I got my CCW...and a Bersa Thunder 380....then a Bersa Thunder Compact Pro 9mm...then a Springfield Armory XD....and finally a Bersa Thunder 380 you can see....I love pistols and does the wife....I guess that's why this problem has me upset...I'm very maticulous with my pistols....always keeping them cleaned and stored safely...I'll contact Ruger customer service Monday.....Thanks again.....