SR22 pistol laser

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  1. morph860

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    Anyone install a laser on their SR22? I'm debating between these:

    - Crimson Trace Rail Master (this is the one that comes on some of the "distributor exclusive" models)
    - LaserMax Micro (LaserMax website has a picture of this one installed on the SR22)
    - LaserMax UNI-ES (I like this one the best, but it's not listed as one of the options for the SR22. Not sure if it'll fit)

    Any feedback on these 3 models would be a huge help. The UNI-ES seems to fit a lot of other compact sized pistols as well. That is why I'm leaning towards that one. Requires 1.75'' of rail space. I'll have to do some measuring when I get home.
  2. jimc

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    MY $.02

    Sorry for the delay, I am sure you have already made your decision - but for others reading this thread...

    I have a laser mounted on the forward end of my SR22 below the muzzle. The pistol was a gift so no complaints...but...activation of the laser is clumsy. You have to switch it on by putting your fingers a bit too close to the muzzle for my taste. I have a crimson trace on my S&W .38. Much better work flow. Grip the pistol and the laser turns on.