SR22 or 22/45Lite

Discussion in 'Ruger Rimfire Forums' started by Railbuggy, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Railbuggy

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    My brother the X cop just got a SR22 and ordered a threaded barrel for it.I was looking at that model but thought a 22/45Lite w/4.4"barrel might be better.What say you...:D
  2. Popeye

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    Can't say anything good or bad about the SR22. I do own a 22/45 RP target pistol and I believe that it will outlast me. As far as I'm concerned the MK series Ruger is one of the top of the line 22's.

  3. jmohme

    jmohme Well-Known Member

    Apples and oranges!
    Depends on what he wants to do with it. 22/45 will be a better target pistol, but not very conveinient to carry. The SR22 is much more compact, and accurate enough, but not on the same level as the 22/45 or any of the Mark III's.
    My opinion anyway.
  4. bhale187

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    +1 to this, and I'll add that the SR22 is super easy to field strip and clean, while the 22/45 is a PITA to put back together until you get used to it.

    when it comes to plinking a 22lr pistol, the MK series is absolutely the top of my list, when it came to cleaning them they are absolutely the bottom of my list. I finally got rid of my MKII target because I got sick of having to pull up a youtube video everytime I tried to put it back together :eek:
  5. Railbuggy

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    Quote from bhale187- I finally got rid of my MKII target because I got sick of having to pull up a youtube video everytime I tried to put it back together :eek:
    Know what you mean.I bought a Mark 1 back in 74 right after MC boot camp at PI.Easy to get apart a PITA to get back together.Traded it to fellow Marine for his color TV in 77.
  6. Gwgw60

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    Agree with the previous comments. Unless you want to do long range (25-50 yd) bullseye target shooting, the SR22 makes a lot of sense.
  7. bovinefecalmatter

    bovinefecalmatter New Member

    I think I would go with the Ultra light. Weight wise they are about the same but I trust the 22/45 to function more reliably. I have a special place in my heart for 22 handguns, but I have never found the perfect one each one has its own strength and weakness from concealability to dependability from single action with interchangeable cylinders to semi-auto, revolvers that will shoot anything you can find to autos that are brand specific. all in all I have owned several mark 2/3 but I think my next ruger will be a 22 cal sp101
  8. Dig

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    22/45 is the way to go, love it, very accurate , eats about any you put through it. Now for the tear down part, I have had mine since Nov. and have done a few mods to it...piece of cake now, just comes naturally . I believe you need to know your gun inside and out, so I have made it a point to be able to disassemble and reassemble without help. 22/45 great little gun!
  9. DonnieD

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    As was said, the two guns are entirely different.

    If you want a gun that is fun and better simulates a centerfire defensive pistol, get the SR22. We (wife and I) have one and both really like it.

    If you just want to plink and are emphasizing accuracy and a longer sight radius, get the .22/45. I have a 22/45 and it's a great shooter, particularly with a Volquartsen sear.

    Get both of them and resolve the dilemma.

    Re disassembling the .22/45, that's something you don't need to do very often. Most of what you need to do can be done with solvent soaked patches w/o disassembly. Don