SR1911 conversion kit to 9mm

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    Hello All,

    I want your thoughts.

    Looking for a Conversion kit for SR1911 45ACP to 9mm.
    Any one know of one?
    Will the unit work if I put in a 9mm barrel and then look for a Mag. What about the spring?
    Currently it is the original I think 18lb?
    There much more availability of 9mm where I am and the Black badge course will use 1000 rounds clearing me out.
    I know look for a 9mm but I have spent my limit this year on 2~ SR1911, Mark III 22/45, 2 Safes one for hand gun and one for my Brno model 5, as per the law in our town. Plus a Membership of over $400 + initiation $160 fee and then lets not forget the initial $300 courses and licenses fees ++.....
    Sorry to be fair to the family, I either slow down or suffer.
    Any help would be nice.
    Thank you in-advance.
    ns :):confused: